Central Management Console

Real-time Cybersecurity and Visibility for Industrial Control Networks

The Nozomi Networks Central Management Console (CMC) delivers consolidated OT visibility across multiple plants or SCADA networks. It reduces support costs for remote sites, speeds up troubleshooting and improves staff efficiency.

Key Benefits


Centrally Supervise and Monitor Large,
Distributed Industrial Networks


Significantly Reduce Mitigation,
Troubleshooting and Forensic Efforts


Confidently Deploy at Enterprise Scale
thanks to Proven Performance


Timesaving Consolidation of Compliance
Performance Monitoring and Reporting


Readily Implement a Tailored Solution
thanks to Flexible, Scalable Architecture


Efficiently Track, Manage and Update
SCADAguardian Appliances

Data Sheet: Central Management Console

Central Management Console Capabilities

Dashboards and Reporting

At-a-glance summaries help you monitor the security and anomaly status of your entire infrastructure. Reports and real-time queries of any aspect of network or process performance eliminate onsite data collection and save time.

Flexible Architecture

The CMC can be deployed at different levels of aggregation to meet the needs of your organization. For example, a local, regional, national and global hierarchy might align with your operational structure.

Secure, Bandwidth Optimized Communication

Encrypted communication between the CMC and SCADAguardian Appliances ensures your data is secure. Communication is bandwidth optimized, and can be integrated with your policies.

Segregation of Duties

Each group of users can be assigned very granular permissions that restrict functionality or limit the parts of the industrial network that can be monitored.

Enterprise-Ready Solution

Comprehensive user audit trails are available for viewing or forwarding to SIEMs for archiving and correlation. SIEM administrators receive aggregated OT alert data without access to the CMC. User authentication can be done using systems such as LDAP and Active Directory. Integration with inline security systems such as firewalls is possible.

Scalable, Flexible Deployment

Monitor up to hundreds of SCADAguardian appliances.
Deploy CMCs in custom hierarchies to meet your operational needs.
Install the CMC virtual appliance on any operating system or hardware.
Depend on a product fully optimized for enterprise performance and stability.

Proven Value


Enel is a multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators. It operates in more than 30 countries across 4 continents and serves more than 61 million end users around the world.

“With Nozomi Networks’ SCADAguardian we can now detect and collect operational and cybersecurity issues in real-time, and take corrective actions before the threat can strike.”

Head of Cybersecurity Design, Enel

“Nozomi proved to us, through an extensive production pilot in Italy, that their non­intrusive in­depth technology was able to substantially improve the reliability, efficiency, and cybersecurity of our remote control system.”

Head of Power Generation Remote Control System, Enel