August 28-29, 2018 Orlando, FL, United States

Nozomi Networks is excited to join our partner Atos at DDAC 2018 – which brings together businesses, universities, and all segments of The Walt Disney Company to discuss the latest analytics and data management trends and techniques.

There are three ways to connect with Nozomi Networks at this event:

  • Attend the joint speaking session ‘Deep Neural Networks: Applications in Operational Technology’ with Atos Principal Data Scientist Dr. Tim Oates, and Nozomi Networks Chief Product Officer Andrea Carcano
  • Visit the Atos Booth 208 to demo Nozomi Networks real-time cyber security and visibility solution
  • Schedule a 1:1 meeting  with a Nozomi Networks executive or expert

Executive Brief: Business Leaders Need to Quickly Shift Focus to Industrial Cyber Security 
Whitepaper: Advancing ICS Visibility and Cyber Security with the Nozomi Networks Solution