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Nozomi Networks Labs Finds New Rockwell PLC Vulnerability

Today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued ICS CERT Advisory (ICSA-19-120-01) concerning Rockwell Automation CompactLogix controllers.

Nozomi Networks responsibly disclosed the vulnerability to CISA and Rockwell Automation.

Read on to learn about our findings and gain a better understanding of the cyber risks of legacy devices.

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GreyEnergy Malware Research Paper: Maldoc to Backdoor

When the GreyEnergy Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) was unveiled last year, I decided to put my reverse engineering skills to work and study one of its infection techniques.

Find out about the methods the malware’s packer stage used to conceal its true functionality, plus get access to my full Research Paper, in today’s article.

IEC 62351 Standards for Securing Power System Communications

To help counter the growing concern about cyberattacks aiming to disrupt power systems, industrial experts have been working together in WG15. This group, part of IEC, is defining the standards known as IEC 62351, for secure-by-design power grids.

As a member of WG 15 since 2015, I thought it might be helpful to inform you about these standards and provide an update on their status.