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Cybersecurity Conferences & Events


Threat Detection Thursdays: Live Nozomi Networks Demo


Join our twice monthly demo to see how we deliver the industry’s best OT and IoT security and visibility.

We make it possible for security teams to tackle escalating cyber risks through exceptional network visibility, threat detection and operational insight.

See why the world’s largest organizations trust Nozomi Networks. Discover how easy it is to:

  • See all the OT, IoT, IT, edge and cloud assets on your networks
  • Gain immediate awareness of cyber threats, risks and anomalies
  • Detect incidents and respond quickly
  • Consolidate security, visibility and monitoring within a single platform
  • Improve operational resilience with scalable protection across your entire operation

Get a Free Asset Visibility Assessment Report and Nozomi Networks Coffee Mug!

By attending live demo, qualified end-user attendees* can get a free asset visibility assessment report and a Nozomi Networks coffee mug.

*Free asset visibility assessment report and coffee mug are intended for cybersecurity professionals, working full-time in a role responsible for the company’s OT/IT/IoT security infrastructure. You must be an end-user engaging with Nozomi Networks for the first time; Resellers, alliance partners, independent consultants, distributors, competitors, current customers and media are not eligible for a Free Assessment Report under this program. The qualified professional must register with a valid company name and business email address. Have an OT/IT/IoT visibility or security project within 12 months for which Nozomi Networks is a viable solution in which the qualified attendee will play an active decision making role. Be located in a country in which Nozomi Networks is authorized to sell products. Eligible attendees will be contacted following the demo to confirm participation and shipping address.

Securing Critical Infrastructure: Getting the Fundamentals Right

July 29, 2021 | 10:00 am WIB – Jakarta, Indonesia


Before you invest in precious time, resources and effort in protecting your critical infrastructure, there are key things you need to get right. Join us as our experienced panel provide insight into real world use cases, examples of how to take action and accelerate your capability and maturity in the IT, OT and IoT security space.

We will be discussing:

    • Visibility of your environment is the first step to getting it right
    • Understanding detection methods and protect the assets you have visibility over
    • Learn how security teams are securing their critical infrastructure

Executive Brief: Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations
Web Page: See and Secure Critical Infrastructure Systems
Case Study: Safeguarding New Zealand’s Power and Telecoms Network
Whitepaper: Protection from the Perfect Storm

Kick Off Black Hat USA with Nozomi Networks, Fortinet and Gigamon

August 4, 2021 | 6:00pm PST | Las Vegas

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Join Fortinet, Gigamon and Nozomi Networks, reconnect with fellow security experts and enjoy drinks and appetizers at Aureole Las Vegas.

Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2021
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Aureole Las Vegas

Registration is open to all security executives and professionals attending Black Hat USA, BSides Las Vegas and DEF CON. Space is limited, so RSVP now.

If there’s a colleague or guest who would like to join you, please include their name and title in the RSVP comments box on the right.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Black Hat USA

August 4-5, 2021 | Las Vegas and Virtual

Schedule a Demo

BlackHat 2021 offers a unique hybrid event experience for the cybersecurity community, regardless of whether you’re attending virtually or in person.

Nozomi Networks will be there in full force, talking OT, IT and IoT security and visibility with customers and prospects alike.

Our experts will show you how to use unmatched visibility and awareness of your OT and IT networks to respond faster to emerging cyber threats, risks and anomalies.

We have Nozomi Networks “thanks for connecting with us” gifts for those who schedule a demo with us, we’ll also set you up with a FREE Asset Inventory report that’s unique to your environment, after the conference.

Webinar: Investigating the Ransomware and IoT Vulnerabilities Landscape

July 27, 2021

Watch On-Demand

Cybercrime continues to rise sharply as threat actors go after industrial targets that can be worth millions in ransomware payments.

To help security defenders fight back, Nozomi Networks Labs shares insights from its new research into the current security landscape.

Join us for a discussion on:

  • Ransomware
    • Why ransomware is such a formidable threat
    • How Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) works
    • DarkSide, the malware that attacked Colonial Pipeline
  • New research findings on ICS and medical device vulnerabilities
  • How security camera vulnerabilities threaten business confidentiality and open the door to malware

Ivan Speziale, Security Researcher
Chris Grove, Technology Evangelist

Desmitificando Colonial Pipeline: La anatomía de un ataque

Martes, 20 julio, 2021

Nozomi Networks ha estudiado las partes internas del ejecutable DarkSide y hoy compartimos nuestros hallazgos para revelar las técnicas utilizadas por su código de máquina en tres áreas: la selección de víctimas y archivos, asegurando el anonimato y anti-detección, y previniendo la restauración de datos.También proporcionamos IOC y un script de descifrado para ayudarlo a detectar DarkSide.

Es importante recordar que la suma del código de Darkside se traduce en devastadoras consecuencias en el mundo físico. Lo alentamos a comprender las técnicas de DarkSide para ayudarlo a evaluar tanto sus propias defensas como sus capacidades de respuesta a incidentes.

Cómo mejorar la postura de ciberseguridad en los ambientes de automatización y control industrial (ICS)

Miércoles, 9 Junio, 2021

De la mano de nuestro partner Nozomi Networks, les hacemos extensiva la invitación a este webinar, donde veremos:

We explored:

  • Cómo Identificar las principales diferencias de gestión de riesgos en la red de control industrial.
  • Marcos de referencia para la gestión de ciberseguridad en redes de control industrial.
  • Cómo integrar los mundos OT/IT bajo la operación de un mismo Centro de Operaciones de Seguridad (SOC).

Seminario Web: La industria del futuro

Jueves, 6 de mayo de 2021

Mira la Grabación (will provide link post webinar)

Te invitamos a participar de esta sesión virtual para Latinoamérica en la que hablaremos del futuro de la seguridad industrial.

En este webinar se expondrán las soluciones de seguridad OT para los próximos años y la mejor protección contra amenazas para entornos industriales.

Para conectarte a la sesión puedes registrarte a través de este formulario.

ManuSec: Cyber Security for Manufacturing Summit

June 1 – 2, 2021

ManuSec Europe explored solutions to the widening array of cyber threats jeopardizing European manufacturers as they increasingly embrace technological innovations. A senior delegation of 150+ manufacturing and cybersecurity leaders from across Europe explored strategies and best practices for protecting industrial networks, promoting organizational alignment as support for IT/OT convergence and for establishing a roadmap for cybersecurity of safety-critical systems to define the practical steps needed to protect their key assets from cyber threats.

As OT & IoT security leader, Nozomi Networks was Platinum sponsor at the Conference.

Ransomware and Beyond – Cybersecurity is a Team Sport

June 8, 2021
Watch On-Demand

Daily headlines underscore the growing threat of ransomware for OT, IoT, and IT. We now live in a world where no single security solution provides adequate protection. To build cybersecurity resilience, you need integrations that leverage your security stack.

In this webinar, we laearned how Honeywell, Fortinet, NTT, and Nozomi Networks bring the power of integrated solutions and services together to build resilience in the face of sophisticated ransomware and escalating attacks.

Watch to gain practical knowledge of:

  • How solution integrations are your best strategy for cybersecurity
  • Why we must tackle ransomware and also plan for other threats beyond it
  • How to return to normal operations after an attack

Warren Small, NTT, Senior Vice President of Sales and Innovation
Rick Peters, Fortinet, CISO Operational Technology North America
Paul Griswold, Honeywell, Chief Product Officer, Connected Cybersecurity
Andrea Carcano, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Nozomi Networks


How to Build an Effective OT/IoT Cybersecurity Risk & Compliance Program

May 26, 2021
Watch On-Demand

U.S. regulators are looking into how business operators maintain effective cybersecurity. The incoming Security of Critical Infrastructure legislative amendments will no doubt lead to an increased security compliance regime for any country.

Companies everywhere should proactively develop a robust cybersecurity compliance program – not because of legislation but because it’s good security hygiene and practice. How can you prepare for that now?

Learn about:

  • The steps involved in building out a Risk & Compliance Program
  • Effective design, implementation and response components
  • Building a quality ecosystem that supports identifying, managing and mitigating risks
  • Gathering intelligence for making evidence-based decisions
  • Ensuring your time and effort leads to a quality outcome

Blog: CMMC Compliance Made Easy With the Nozomi Networks Solution
Compliance Mapping Guide: How the Nozomi Networks Solution Supports CMMC Compliance
Compliance Mapping Guide: How the Nozomi Networks Solution Supports the NIS Directive & Regulations
Compliance Mapping Guide: How the Nozomi Networks Solution Supports NIST CSF Compliance

Best Practices to Deploy Zero Trust With AI-driven Threat Detection for IT/OT Networks

May 19, 2021

Watch On-Demand

Industrial control systems and OT networks are widely perceived as the most vulnerable attack vectors and most difficult endpoints to secure. They have traditionally been air gapped from IT networks and unavailable for remote access, but that is no longer possible. Securing OT networks has different requirements than IT networks and specialized security architectures are required.

In this webinar we explored current security and operational challenges faced by asset owners and operators as IT/OT networks converge. We shared best practices on why zero-trust, combined with AI-driven threat detection and automated remediation is a big improvement over traditional security – and why it’s effective against external and insider threats. We also provided recommendations for engaging OT and IT about developing a Zero-Trust strategy to protect your critical network infrastructure.

Gary Kinghorn, Director of Marketing, Tempered Networks
Chris Grove, CISSP, NSA-IAM, Technology Evangelist, Nozomi Networks

Demystifying the Colonial Pipeline Attack & How Ransomware Works

May 13, 2021

Watch On-Demand

What you need to know about OT Security attacks and their impact on industrial processes.

It seems like every day we’re reading about cybersecurity breaches and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure around the world. What used to be a once or twice a year occurrence 10 years ago now seems to be the new everyday normal.

The recent Darkside ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline is just the latest in a spike of ransomware attacks on organizations with significant financial resources. During this presentation, we’ll overview the attack, the implications of this type of attack and what should you do now, if you haven’t taken action already.
You’ll learn:

  • How the attack happened and who was responsible?
  • Who is Darkside and what cybersecurity professionals should understand about them
  • Security practices you should put in place to counter ransomware
  • Actionable recommendations to prevent future ransomware incidents

CS4CA World: Using AI to Precisely Detect Anomalies in the OT Process

May 6, 2021

CS4CA World took place virtually, as part of a unique initiative to re-connect the cyber security industry through a global community dedicated to safeguarding ICS.

Nozomi Networks Product Evangelist, Chris Grove, presented on how to use AI to precisely detect anomalies in the OT process.