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Splunk Security Week 2021 – La cyber security oggi: visione, strategie e strumenti per rilevare, analizzare e prevenire i nuovi rischi

19 – 23 Aprile, 2021

Nozomi Network ha partecipato alla Splunk Security Week: una serie di eventi virtuali totalmente orientati alla sicurezza, dove desideriamo offrirti un punto di vista multidisciplinare, con speaker esperti in grado di fornirti elementi giuridici, umani, tecnici e organizzativi per migliorare la strategia di cyber security della tua azienda.

Ascolta le sessioni che più ti interessano.

Il nostro esperto di sicurezza OT& IoT , Sergio Leoni, ha tenuto un intervento sull’importanza della resilienza operativa in ambito, non perderlo !

Webinar: Protect ALL Your OT, IoT, IT, Edge and Cloud Devices with Vantage

April 13, 2021

Watch On-Demand Webinar

Nozomi Networks new SaaS-powered Vantage platform leverages the power and simplicity of the cloud to deliver unmatched security and visibility across your entire OT, IoT and IT networks.

Vantage accelerates the digital transformation of complex, highly distributed operations. You can protect any number of OT, IoT, IT, edge and cloud assets, regardless of their location.

Learn about:

  • Why a scalable SaaS-powered security and visibility platform makes sense today
  • How Vantage provides immediate awareness of cyber threats and helps you respond quickly
  • How deep OT/IoT/IT insight increases your cyber resilience
  • Security challenges solved by Vantage

Webpage: Vantage – SaaS-Powered Security and Visibility for OT and IoT Networks

Hannover Messe Digital Edition

April 12-16, 2021

Watch On-Demand

Nozomi Networks sponsored the Hannover Messe Digital Edition, the leading knowledge and networking platform for the manufacturing, energy and logistics industries.

From AI and robotics to automation technology, logistics IT and industrial software to batteries and fuel cells: Under the guiding theme “Industrial Transformation”, industry thought leaders present their technologies and ideas for the factories, energy systems and supply chains of the future.

Watch the recording of our Product Evangelist, Chris Grove, on how to use AI to precisely detect anomalies in the OT process

ISACA LA Annual Conference Session: Expert’s View – Bringing Threat Detection and Response to the Next Level

Watch On-demand

The threat landscape is continually changing. Organizations need to learn how to up the ante to secure their people, assets, and operations, taking into a consideration a defense-in-depth approach. In this session, attendees learned how to implement a robust, holistic strategy to mitigate cybersecurity risks and keep their organization on a secure path toward digital transformation.

After completing this session, participants were able to:

  • Choose, adopt and implement the best cybersecurity strategy for your organization
  • Develop a dynamic and holistic security strategy
  • Reduce and mitigate cybersecurity risks across the digital enterprise


  • Phil Page, Director of BD and Partner Technologies, Nozomi Networks

Executive Brief: Closing IoT Gaps in Your Operations


ISACA CACS Conference – LATAM 2021

ISACA CACS Santo Domingo Focus Session – Como mejorar la postura de ciberseguridad en los ambientes de automatización y control industrial (“ICS”) | How to Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture in Industrial Automation and Control (“ICS”) Environments

Durante la sesión de clausura, nuestro experto en ciberseguridad, Josue Maturano, analizó las formas de mejorar la postura de ciberseguridad de una organización en entornos de control y automatización industrial (“ICS”).

Después de esta sesión, los asistentes pudieron:

  • Identificar las principales diferencias de gestión de riesgos en la red de control industrial.
  • Marcos de referencia para la gestión de ciberseguridad en redes de control industrial.
  • Comprender como integrar los mundos OT/IT bajo la operación de un mismo Centro de Operaciones de Seguridad (SOC).

During the closing keynote session, our cybersecurity expert, Josue Maturano discussed ways improve an organization’s cybersecurity posture in industrial automation and control (“ICS”) environments. After this session, attendees were able to:

  • Identify the main differences in risk management in the industrial control network.
  • Reference frameworks for cybersecurity management in industrial control networks.
  • Understand how to integrate the OT / IT networks under a unified Security Operations Center (SOC).

Executive Brief: Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations
Research Report: OT/IoT Security Report – February 2021

Accenture – Operation: Next OT Summit

Nozomi Networks was a proud sponsor of this year’s must-attend virtual conference for OT security stakeholders.

Attendees learned how OT security stakeholders, across various industries, are getting program buy-in, articulating risk, maximizing budget and implementing programs.

Participants listened to candid peer-to-peer discussions about solutions and strategies that are advancing cybersecurity programs from the field to the boardroom.

Webpage: Nozomi Networks and Accenture help industrial operators see and secure their OT and IoT assets
Solution Brief: Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device Manufacturers Know the Rx for Cybersecurity
Case Study: Oil & Gas Producer Deploys Global ICS Security Program
On Demand Webinar: From Oil Rig to Boardroom: Drilling into the Importance of Cybersecurity

Expert’s view – Bringing OT Threat Detection and Response to the Next Level

As the convergence of IT and OT networks accelerates, there is a greater need for centralization of IT and OT information.

ICS have grown to become more automated and advanced, but also more connected to conventional and enterprise networks than ever before. This increase in connectivity has helped organizations to reach a higher level of efficiency but it has also exposed ICS networks, and their devices, to new cyber-borne and operational vulnerabilities.

Fortinet and Nozomi Networks have partnered to deliver full management and security visibility into every asset of the IT/OT networks.

During this webinar, we cover:

  • The integration between Nozomi Networks and Fortinet solutions, including key differentiators
  • Use cases and success stories
  • Q&A

Blog: Speeding IT visibility into OT new integrations

Webinar: Improving Transportation System Operational Visibility and Security

On-demand Webinar

The number of assets used in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and logistics systems is growing rapidly, and they’re more connected than ever before.
Unfortunately, this high level of digitization and network complexity has created an expanded attack surface with many vulnerabilities.

Learn about:

  • Security challenges faced by metro systems, maritime transportation and logistics
  • Gaining deeper operational visibility and preventing downtime
  • Identifying system vulnerabilities and detecting cyber threats


  • Malcolm Bailie, APJ Manager Solution Delivery and Projects, Nozomi Networks
  • Bruce Large, Operational Technology (OT) Security Lead, CyberCX

Blog Link: The Cyber Risks of Transportation’s Connected OT/IoT Systems
Nozomi Networks Industry Brief: Improving Operational Resiliency Through OT and IoT Visibility and Security
Nozomi Networks Executive Brief: Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations

Insights on the Top OT/IoT Security Threats – How to Protect Your Operations

On-demand Webinar

To help address accelerating OT/IoT security issues, the Nozomi Networks Labs team released new research findings on significant threats and vulnerabilities targeting industrial operations.

Learn about:

  • The current threat landscape
  • Supply chain threats to OT and IoT environments
  • Ransomware risks, particularly for pandemic-related targets
  • Protecting your critical OT/IoT networks


  • Alessandro Di Pinto, Security Research Manager
  • Ivan Speziale, Security Researcher
  • Chris Grove, Technology Evangelist

Watch the On-Demand Webinar: Insights Into the Top OT/IoT Security Threats – How to Protect Your Operations
Webpage: OT/IoT Security Report 2020 1H: Rising IoT Botnets and Shifting Ransomware Escalate Enterprise Risk
Executive Brief: Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations
Webpage: Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations
Blog: SolarWinds Cyberattack: Layered OT Security Creates Best Defense
Webpage: Nozomi Networks Labs

SANS ICS Summit Solutions Track Focus Session: Using AI to Precisely Detect Anomalies in the OT Process

Watch On-demand

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques are vital to automating the detection and analysis of cybersecurity and OT system incidents. However, a full understanding of the process being monitored, including its communications and assets, is needed to avoid deluging security teams with anomalous event alerts.

This session looks at how AI can be used to precisely identify anomalies in the OT process that are indicative of equipment failure, a cyberattack or a system problem.

A combination of process parameter deviation information, and rules that detect specific data and events from a stream of network traffic, make for a powerful threat hunting tool.

See a demonstration of process anomaly detection in action and learn how it can help you accelerate incident detection and response, safeguarding availability and cybersecurity.


  • Chris Grove, Technology Evangelist, Nozomi Networks
  • Scott Smith, Senior Product Owner, Nozomi Networks

Webpage: Asset Intelligence: Focus on the OT and IoT Incidents that Matter
Data Sheet: Nozomi Networks Asset intelligence
Webpage: Threat Intelligence: Detect Emerging OT and IoT Threats and Vulnerabilities
Data Sheet: Nozomi Networks Threat Intelligence