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Nozomi Networks Proud Sponsor of AvengerCon

November 29, 2021 – December 1, 2021

Nozomi Networks was a proud sponsor of this year’s AvengerCon, one of the largest soldier-led hacker events within the military and DoD communities.

Optive Con – Leverage Cloud Security

November 18, 2021

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Join Nozomi Networks at the virtual OptivCon.
Don’t miss our speaking session – Leverage cloud-hosted security for more efficiency and scale in OT/IoT networks – as we discussed the benefits organizations get from migrating security operations to the cloud.

Webinar: Shoring Up Cybersecurity Defenses in America’s Power Grid

November 18, 2021

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America’s power grid is vulnerable. In too many cases cyber defenses aren’t keeping up with a constant attack from well-funded organizations. As solving the problem becomes a top priority for the White House and members of Congress, new Government directives and funding are encouraging electrical utility operators to shore up their cyber defenses.

In this webinar we focused on the utility sector – weighing through recent DOE initiatives and recommendations to help grid operators understand what they should do now and in the future to strengthen visibility and security while preparing for a long term collective defense.

In the World of Unsecure IoT – Is Privacy Dead?

Thursday November 18, 2021

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With the continued declaration by organizations everywhere that their security has been breached and their data lost, we’ve seen an immeasurable loss of personal identity information. When coupled with the modern trend to share our every movement, activity, thought and more critically – our personal details … we have to wonder if “privacy is dead”.

If it’s not dead now, will the rapidly expanding use of IoT devices, advent of smart cities and creation of an uber-connected world hasten its demise?

In such a world, just how important is privacy, data security and protecting our IoT infrastructure?

These questions and more will be explored in a riveting event hosted by Nozomi Networks. Join our esteemed panel of experts as they delve into the complex issues of privacy and privilege.

Past Events: Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

November 16-18, 2021

Nozomi Networks, Gartner experts and your peers gathered for valuable cybersecurity insights, a comprehensive update on cybersecurity threats and solutions, vulnerability management, ransomware, learned about new best practices for cloud security and more.

Past Events: SCADA Technology Summit

November 3-5

The SCADA Summit is a hybrid conference took place in-person and virtually. Attendees left with the knowledge to improve their systems to enable them to better monitor/control equipment, optimize value, and harness valuable data to optimize processes.

Past Events: TechConnect World

October 18-20, 2021

TechConnect World is one of the largest multi-sector gathering of technology IP, technology ventures, industrial partners, and investors in the world. The purpose of TechConnect World is to bring together the world’s top technology transfer offices, companies, and investment firms to locate the most promising technologies and early stage companies from across the globe.

Nozomi Networks to Sponsor this Year’s GridSecCon Virtual Conference

October 18-20, 2021

Nozomi Networks was proud to sponsor this year’s GridSecCon virtual conference!

GridSecCon brought together cyber and physical security leaders from industry and government to deliver expert training sessions, share best practices, present lessons learned, and share effective threat mitigation programs.

Past Events: Pi in the Sky: Cloud Adoption in OT

October 14, 2021

One of the big surprises from the 2021 SANS OT/ICS Survey was the widescale adoption of cloud technologies to support OT operations. According to the survey, 49% of respondents were using cloud technologies for operations support, and 32% were using cloud technologies for control critical activities. The survey also identified remote access as the No. 1 initial intrusion vector which would seem to be at odds with adding hosted services into critical control loops. Increased reliability and reduced total cost of ownership may be driving this trend, despite the connectivity requirements that come with it.

In this webcast, SANS survey author and ICS 515 certified instructor Mark Bristow was joined by Technology Evangelist Chris Grove, CISSP, NSA-IAM from Nozomi Networks to explore some of the business and operational drivers behind this result and provide an outlook into what’s next for ICS cloud applications.

Review the full survey findings

Webinar: Understanding the Risks to Operational Technology (OT)

October 7, 2021 | 10:00am AEDT

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Operational technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) have traditionally been managed separately. With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and the changing threat and risk landscape, industrial, manufacturing and critical infrastructure companies are bringing together their OT, IT and IoT networks to achieve a combined cyber and risk plan to prevent future cyberattacks. The incoming Critical Infrastructure Bill is aimed at driving action in this direction and organisations must start to prepare now to secure their IT as well their OT / IoT infrastructure.

These combined capabilities not only achieve significant improvements in cybersecurity but bring remarkable improvements in the efficiency of managing and securing your diverse assets.

Our expert panel discussed:

  • Threats to OT
  • Unified visibility and security
  • Eliminating OT and IT silos
  • Reducing risks to OT, IT and IoT