Nozomi Network Labs Project

IEC 62351

Standards for Security Power System Communications


Defending today’s power systems is challenging because they typically use communication protocols optimized for bandwidth and efficiency, with zero or simple security protections. Furthermore, many grids have received little to no security enhancements post deployment.

To help counter this problem, in the early 2000s IEC Technical Committee 57, a group devoted to power system management standards, started working on how to make power grids secure-by-design. Working Group 15 (WG15) was formed to evaluate the requirements from a technology perspective, and define a standard way to implement them.

Nozomi Networks Co-founder and CTO, Moreno Carullo, has been a member of WG15 since 2015 and has have contributed to the development of the standards, particularly sections related to power system monitoring.

At Black Hat USA 2019, the team presented a demonstration of how the IEC 62351 standards could be used for monitoring industrial networks. They demonstrated how four types of hard-to-detect attacks are readily identified. This new approach to asset health monitoring significantly enhances threat detection and power grid cyber resiliency.