July 2021 - Available in English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish

OT/IoT Security Report

What You Need to Know to Fight Ransomware and IoT Vulnerabilities

Report Highlights:

  • Ransomware Insights
    • Why ransomware is a formidable threat
    • How Ransomware as a Service works
    • Analysis of DarkSide, the malware that attacked Colonial Pipeline
    • Recommendations for infection prevention, network segmentation, disaster recovery planning and more
  • New research findings on ICS and medical device vulnerabilities
  • IoT Security Camera Vulnerabilities
    • Why P2P security camera architecture threatens confidentiality
    • How security cameras are vulnerable
    • Research findings on the Reolink, Throughtek and Verkada breaches
  • More recommendations for network defenders

Read the full 39-page report to learn why it’s time to re-evaluate your risk models and security programs.

Download the 9-page Executive Summary for research highlights.

The Live Video Feeds of 150,000 Security Cameras were Exposed in the Verkada Cyberattack

Attackers were also able to execute shell commands on breached cameras, providing an entry point for lateral movement on victims’ networks. This could lead to consequences such as data theft, ransomware deployment or system disruption.

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