Nozomi Networks End of Life Policy

Product Life Cycle Overview

As the OT and IoT cybersecurity industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so do Nozomi Networks’ products. Therefore, there comes a time when a product reaches its natural obsolescence or end-of-life cycle (“EOL”). In order to continue to provide our customers with the best and latest state-of-the-art cybersecurity products in the industry, we must sunset or retire certain products and replace them with either newer cutting-edge products or significantly advanced versions.

This end-of-life policy (“EOL Policy”) outlines the product support lifecycle and guidelines for the Nozomi Networks, Inc. (“Nozomi Networks”) product line (excluding third- party products made available to customers by Nozomi Networks) as may be further described by and subject to Nozomi Networks’ documentation. Only customers who are operating Nozomi Networks products under a valid maintenance and support agreement are entitled to the benefits associated with this EOL Policy. Nozomi Networks reserves the right to modify this EOL Policy at any time.

Nozomi Networks branded physical appliances are comprised of Hardware and stand alone and subscription Software licenses (including any cloud or software-as-a-service products). Nozomi Networks virtual appliances are only comprised of Software Licenses which a customer then installs on non-Nozomi Networks hardware. This EOL Policy applies to Nozomi Networks – branded hardware and software components. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in Nozomi Networks’ End User License Agreement as set forth here:

Hardware Availability and Support Life Cycle


The hardware product life cycle begins upon first date upon which the Nozomi Networks appliance and hardware product will be Generally Available (“GA”), or ready to ship for worldwide customer purchase and fulfillment. The GA period for each appliance and hardware product is 5 years.

End of Sale Date Notice

Nozomi Networks will provide up to 6 months advance notification of an End of Sale (“EOS”) status for any hardware or appliance product. At such time, Nozomi Networks will remove any EOL hardware or appliance from all pricing and quoting systems, and the hardware or appliance will be neither offered nor available for sale.

EOL RMA Support Period

Replacement for any EOL hardware or appliance is offered in accordance with and subject to the Nozomi Networks return merchandise authorization process (“RMA”). Solely for RMA purposes, replacement products are available up to 5 years following the EOS effective date. EOL RMA support is conditioned upon customer: 1) maintaining a valid and current service contract on the hardware or appliance on date the RMA is initiated; and 2) the RMA request is made within the 5-year window. At Nozomi Networks’ discretion, EOL hardware may be replaced with refurbished or a similar unit.All OpenServer systems are excluded from hardware support such as Dell Servers.

End Of Life Support Period (Including RMA)

The final date Nozomi Networks will no longer provide hardware support (i.e., trouble shooting, RMA, repair, parts replacement, etc.) related to either an EOL appliance or product is 5 years from the EOS effective date. After the Support Period, customers can procure new hardware via Nozomi Networks Hardware Refresh Program. This allows a customer’s existing Software Licenses to be migrated to new hardware (similar or functionally equivalent). Customers should also purchase a new Nozomi Networks contract to support the new hardware. If Nozomi Networks support is purchased, Nozomi Networks will continue to support the customer’s new hardware consistent with this EOL Policy.

Hardware Product Life Cycle Summary

Hardware product availability and support timelines are summarized as set forth below:

GA Period (Product generally available) 5 years
End of Sale Notification Period (EOS date) 6 Months
RMA Service (From EOS date) 5 years; conditional upon an existing support contract on RMA request date; and request initiated within the RMA EOL Support Period window (not to exceed 5 years from EOS date).
EOL Hardware Support Period (From EOS date) 5 Years
Software Life Cycle

Life Cycle Overview

Nozomi Networks will provide technical assistance, software updates and upgrades, bug fixes, and workarounds for bugs, provided that the customer has a valid Nozomi Networks support contract and usage is consistent with the documentation. Definitions of the severity levels are located in the Global Customer Support Data Sheet.

Full Support

Nozomi Networks provides full support as soon as a release is announced as GA and available to download in the GA software releases are numbered where 1st position represents the year a major release in introduced. 2nd position represents incremental and continuous feature enhancements, 3rd position represents maintenance releases.  Maintenance releases, if necessary, consist of hotfixes required sooner than an interim release is made available. Neither interim nor maintenance releases are included in the determination of a software feature release’s end-of-life schedule. Incremental enhancement, maintenance, and hotfixes releases are generally available as needed basis throughout the year.

Nozomi Networks obligation to provide support for GA releases and minor feature releases is 3 years from the initial release date.

Full Support

Full Support means support of a certain feature version, which includes investigation, troubleshooting, workarounds, bug fixes and security vulnerability fixes. Full Support provides severity 1, 2, 3 and 4 field bug and security vulnerability fixes that are delivered through any level of releases.

Current Versions and Designations

Annual version release Designation Includes: Support
23.x.x C New enhancement, fixes Full Support
22.x.x C-1 Hotfixes or workarounds Limited Support
21.x.x C-2 Not applicable End of Version

Limited Support

Nozomi Networks will develop new hotfixes for problems that present high technical impact or business exposure to customers. Limited support provides severity 1 and 2 field bug and security vulnerability fixes that are delivered mainly through hotfixes. These hotfixes remain supported solely for the time period the software remains GA (“Limited Support”).
If issue is fixed in later version, Support will direct customers to upgrade to a more current version or release of that product.

End of Version Support

No new sustaining maintenance releases, enhancements, patches, or hot fixes will be made to a version or release that Nozomi Networks designates as “End of Version” status. Support will direct customers to upgrade to a more current version or release of the product. If a customer would like advice on upgrading its product or has questions about the status of a product’s support status, please contact Support.


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