Nozomi Networks RMA Procedures and Policies

Opening a new case

Before opening a new case, please have the following information available:

  • Service request number, if this an existing issue already known to support
  • Customer-ID or product serial number if this is a new case
  • Error message or advisory messages you are receiving
  • Log files
  • A reproducible testcase:
    • What were you trying to do?
    • What happened instead?
    • How exactly did the error occur?
  • Severity level of problem
  • Business justification for Severity 1 or 2 issues
  • Technical manuals for the product in question

Open a new case via the support portal

Opening a case via the support portal is our preferred method of communication. You can logon to the support portal. When you open a new case via the portal you can already specify:

  • Type of case you are opening
  • Severity
  • Product category
  • Version
  • Attach documents, example: log files

This way Nozomi Networks Support already has a lot of important information beforehand. You will immediately receive your case # and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Open a new case via email

Another efficient manner of requesting support is to open a new case via e-mail. Here Nozomi recommends that you email your completed request, together with any additional screen prints, reports, your hardware configuration, and software Versions, etc. to the support organization. Upon receipt of the email, the details will be entered into our Call Tracking system and one of our consultants will notify you with the case reference number confirm the issue ranking and provide an initial prognosis or solution, if available. This method of logging a new case is especially useful for non-urgent queries.

Open a new case via phone

  • If this is previously reported problem, please give us your service request number, otherwise please give us either your customer-ID or the product serial number.
  • Please be prepared to answer questions in email or by phone, for future contact, and pertaining to your software and hardware configuration (e.g., product, product Version, platform, OS, etc.);
  • Provide exact error message and/or advisory messages (if more than one or two, please via email);
  • Provide a description of your problem; and
  • If this is a new problem report, write down the service request number that you receive, and always use this number when calling back on this particular issue.

If you are greeted by voicemail, please leave the following information:

  • Your first and last name;
  • The institution with which you are affiliated;
  • Number(s)where you may be reached;
  • Name and Version of Nozomi Networks product with which you are experiencing difficulty; and
  • A short description of the problem.

Your call will be returned in the order in which it was received.

Acknowledging the case
  • After a case is logged by the customer, the case will be reviewed and dispatched through our case tracking system, to an appropriate client support representative (CSR).
  • Upon being logged into the system, the customer will receive an acknowledgement of the case, via email, including the case number.
Resolution procedure


In the case of hardware failure of an appliance, Nozomi Networks shall commence the following procedure in order to address the Request.

1. Diagnose the problem and attempt to resolve the problem with an Authorized Customer Contact;

2. Upon conclusion of troubleshooting and Nozomi Networks’ determination that the failure is caused by a defective appliance covered under these terms, Nozomi Networks will initiate the hardware exchange or repair (“return/exchange”) of the defective appliance and provide to customer a return material authorization number (“RMA number”) and instructions on how to return the defective appliance.

3. Customer must:

  • Return the defective appliance to Nozomi Networks within ten (10) calendar days after issuance of the RMA number;
  • Display the RMA number on the outside of the shipping container;
  • Include the appliance’s original packaging and documentation; and
  • Ship the defective appliance using freight collect.
    If customer receives a replacement appliance from Nozomi Networks but does not return the defective appliance, Nozomi Networks will invoice the customer and the customer will be required to pay for such appliance.

4. Nozomi Networks will ship a repaired or replaced appliance to customer in accordance with the terms of the support package purchased by customer.

5. All inbound and outbound appliance shipping charges for appliances under this Section will be paid by Nozomi Networks. Nozomi Networks may provide a prepaid shipping label to facilitate the return of the appliance.


Nozomi Networks shall commence the following procedure in order to correct an error reported by customer in the current Version of the software:

  • Assign Nozomi Networks Support engineer to correct the error;
  • Assign an error priority level in consultation with the customer;
  • Initiate work to provide customer with a workaround or resolution;
  • Provide customer with periodic reports on the status of the corrections, and
  • Notify customer and Nozomi Networks management that such errors have been reported and of steps taken to correct such errors in accordance with the escalation policy for the designated error priority level.

If Nozomi Networks believes that a problem reported by customer may not be due to an error in the software, (or the appliance, if applicable), Nozomi Networks will so notify customer. At that time, customer may:

1. Instruct Nozomi Networks to proceed with problem determination at its expense as set forth in this Guide, or (2) instruct Nozomi Networks that customer does not wish the problem pursued at its possible expense.

2. If customer requests that Nozomi Networks proceed with problem determination at its possible expense and Nozomi determines that the error was not due to an error in the software or appliance, customer shall pay Nozomi Networks, at Nozomi Networks’ then-current and standard consulting rates, for all work performed in connection with such determination, plus reasonable related expenses incurred therewith. Customer shall not be liable for:

  • Problem determination or repair to the extent problems are due to errors in the software or appliance; or
  • Work performed under this paragraph in excess of its instructions; or
  • Work performed after customer has notified Nozomi Networks that it no longer wishes work on the problem determination to be continued at its possible expense (such notice shall be deemed given when actually received by Nozomi Networks).

3. If customer instructs Nozomi Networks that it does not wish the problem pursued at its expense or if such determination requires effort in excess of customer’s instructions, Nozomi Networks may, at its sole discretion and without liability, elect not to investigate the error.


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