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New OT/IoT Security Report

Executive Summary available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, and Korean

Trends and Countermeasures for Critical Infrastructure Attacks

Report Highlights:

  • Insights on the latest cyber threats
    • Active ransomware groups such as BlackMatter, REvil and Conti
    • Recent supply chain attacks and prevalent IoT botnets
  • How and why critical infrastructure industries such as transportation and healthcare are being targeted
    • Recent government and law enforcement actions to protect critical infrastructure
  • Analysis of recent ICS-CERT vulnerabilities and exploitation trends
    • Nozomi Networks Labs vulnerability research on OT/IoT devices and networks
  • Remediation strategies to address today’s emerging threats
    • Best practices including network monitoring, Zero Trust, and attack surface reduction

When the Log4j vulnerability emerged, ransomware gangs quickly designed repeatable attacks with a complete process for leveraging the exploit to encrypt files and extort payment.

Organizations now realize the importance of maintaining a software bill of materials for their software applications so they can more quickly identify and remediate vulnerable systems.

Read the full 38-page report to learn how to shore up your cyber defenses in OT and IoT environments, including migrating to a Zero Trust model.

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Dedicated to reducing cyber risk for the world’s industrial, OT and IoT organizations

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