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July 30, 2019, 10:00 AM PDT

Nozomi Networks is proud to sponsor the DarkReading webinar, “The Cost of Industrial Cyber Incidents and How to Prevent Them” on July 30th. Cyberattacks can cause devastating business disruptions and lead to financial losses reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. The World Economic Forum’s 2019 Global Risk Report ranked cyberattacks causing disruption to operations and critical infrastructure among the top five global risks.

Nozomi Networks CMO Kim Legelis and Director of Product Marketing Lauren Barraco will cover:

  • How OT cyberattacks cause business disruption
  • The costs of high profile industrial cyber security incidents
  • How to reduce risk with OT visibility and cyber security technology
  • Examples of OT cyber security incident detection: Ransomware, LockerGoga

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