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Recorded: June 11, 2020

Thanks to the increasing influence of IT, where encrypted protocols have existed for some time, OT groups have been able to create encrypted OT protocols. Vendors are now starting to implement them in real-world device firmware.

Using IEC 62351 as an example, this webinar combines research with field expertise to drill into what is being done, and the security implications of encrypted OT/IoT systems.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Encryption in the OT world
  • IEC 62351: Parts 3 and 7
  • Attack scenarios
  • Server NTP hijacking
  • Rogue CA certificate
  • The future of the threat detection landscape


  • Yiannis Stavrou, Security Researcher, Nozomi Networks
  • Chris Grove, Technology Evangelist, Nozomi Networks

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