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Recorded: April 20, 2020

Our third Threat Defense training session focuses on countering COVID-19 security challenges with enhanced visibility using the free Nozomi Networks Guardian Community Edition.

The first step to protecting your networks is knowing what you have. Guardian CE helps you get visibility into your OT and IoT assets by mapping your complete network without disrupting operations.

In this session, learn about:

  • How quickly GCE presents a live visualization of your OT/IoT network and its assets
  • How to use GCE to check for COVID-19 threat indicators
  • How to use GCE to monitor remote access connections

Your Nozomi Networks Security Training Team:

  • Scott Smith, Technical Sales Engineer
  • Chris Grove, Technology Evangelist

Watch the Webinar: “Guardian Community Edition – How to Counter COVID-19 Security Challenges”
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