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Recorded November 26, 2020

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An increase in cyberthreats – across IT, OT and IoT networks, combined with new labour safety laws designed to hold executive leaderships accountable, are raising the stakes for Corporations, Boards and Senior Executives.

In the past, when it came to Cyber Security and understanding the ‘Lifecycle of Cybercrime’, these worlds were viewed as a non-connected environment, but that’s no longer the case. Embracing the notion of a connected world and thus a connected risk portfolio driven on the back of cyber and technology is crucial in preparing for the endlessly developing threat landscape that continues to expand and impact us all.

Our panelists covered:

  • Trend driving the connected enterprise – and what they mean for cybersecurity
  • Industrial Manslaughter legislation and other workforce laws – and their potential impact on business executives
  • Steps you can take now and over time to strengthen your cybersecurity posture for the health of your company and the executives who lead it.