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We believe in a secure, connected world and enabling OT security is of paramount importance. Digitization and environmental challenges continue to increase, particularly as employee populations shift to remote work. Implementing a standardized approach to managing this shift to remote work has put emphasis on ensuring the integrity of infrastructure, OT applications, and cloud-based workloads. Nozomi Networks and NTT discuss how we have helped clients across industries gain increased visibility and intelligence to optimize their security operations.

The webinar covered:

  • Security best practices for remote employee populations
  • Detecting and responding to emerging threats in the new business environment
  • Increased visibility and intelligence to optimize security operations


  • Edgard Capdevielle, CEO, Nozomi Networks
  • Warren Small, SVP Innovation and Sales, Security Division, NTT Ltd

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Joint Solution Brief: NTT and Nozomi Networks: Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

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