OT ThreatFeed

ICS Threat and Vulnerability Feed for Up-to-Date Threat Monitoring 

Regularly Receive OT Threat and Vulnerability Updates

Quickly Identify New Risks to Your Industrial Systems

Rapidly Respond with Actionable Insights

OT ThreatFeed™ is an optional subscription service that delivers threat updates curated, adapted and discovered by Nozomi Networks.

It provides fast indication of known and emerging threats and vulnerabilities, making it easy for IT/OT teams to stay on top of current ICS risks.

When new information is received, SCADAguardian™ or SCADAguardian Advanced™ rapidly checks your industrial network for the presence of threats.

If found, you’re immediately notified, and can utilize our time-saving, ICS forensic tools to prevent consequences or remediate the situation.

Timely Threat Updates

  • Provides indicators of known and emerging threats and vulnerabilities
  • Makes it easy for IT/OT teams to stay on top of current ICS risks
  • Curates, tests and adapts
    • Threat signatures, Indicators of Compromise and zero-days discovered by Nozomi Networks
    • Yara Rules and Packets Rules from the ICS Community
    • Vulnerability updates from the U.S. government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD)

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Actionable Threat Remediation Insights

  • Identifies threats present in the industrial network, significantly reducing the Mean Time to Detection (MTTD)

  • Decreases the Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) with Smart Incident™, which correlates alerts, provides ICS operational context and delivers automatic packet captures

  • Decodes incidents with Time Machine™ system snapshots and diff reports

Easy Deployment

Integrated with Nozomi Networks Products

  • Requires SCADAguardian or SCADAguardian Advanced

Flexible Update Options

  • Downloads from the Nozomi Networks Customer Portal for loading onto SCADAguardian or SCADAguardian Advanced appliances
  • Automatically sends updates to designated Central Management Consoles, which distributes them to connected SCADAguardian and SCADAguardian Advanced appliances

Nozomi Networks Solution Architecture

* A completely passive product, SCADAguardian is also available. It does not include Smart Polling.

The award winning Nozomi Networks solution improves cyber resiliency and reliability via a modular, extensible and scalable architecture.

Sample Deployment Architecture

This is a general example of how the Nozomi Networks solution can be deployed.

A wide variety of appliances, a flexible architecture, and integrations with other systems allow us to provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

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