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OT ThreatFeed

Detect Threats and Vulnerabilities with ICS Threat Intelligence

Easily Stay on Top
of the Dynamic
Threat Landscape

Notably Reduce
the Time to Detection,
Minimizing Impacts

Rapidly Respond with Prioritized Alerts and Actionable Insights

OT ThreatFeed™ delivers up-to-date industrial threat intelligence to the Nozomi Networks Guardian™ solution, making it easy for you to detect threats and identify vulnerabilities in your environment.

With a constantly evolving threat landscape, it’s hard to find the resources to properly analyze each new threat as it emerges. Yet without this information, your critical assets and infrastructure could be at risk of attack by new threat vectors and exploits.

This annual threat intelligence subscription provides valuable context around potential risks detected in your network.

Each update gives you access to detection tools needed for emerging threats and newly discovered zero-days in the following forms:

  • Packet rules
  • Yara rules
  • Vulnerability signatures 
  • STIX indicators 
  • Threat knowledgebase 

OT ThreatFeed is produced and curated by Nozomi Networks Labs, a team of expert security researchers.

Insights Strengthen Your Security Posture

  • Full network visibility with integrated threat intelligence provides an accurate assessment of your security posture
  • Real-time vulnerability assessment identifies assets at risk of attack
  • Immediate alerts and warnings about suspicious activity in your environment 
  • Integrated knowledgebase from Nozomi Networks Labs that includes threat definitions and recommendations for remediation  

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Less Noise Helps You Focus on What’s Important

  • Rules go through a rigorous set of tests to ensure accuracy and maintain performance standards 

  • Alerts from OT ThreatFeed are correlated with other behaviors in your environment, delivering additional security and operational context on suspicious activity and potential attacks 
  • Costs and complexities are reduced by using a single, comprehensive ICS threat detection and vulnerability assessment solution

The Easy Way to Stay on Top of the Dynamic Threat Landscape

The Nozomi Networks Labs team uses their security research to develop and deliver new rules, signatures, and indicators to the OT ThreatFeed on a continuous basis. Updates can be automated across your entire deployment through the Central Management Console™, or you can apply manual updates to individual Guardian appliances.


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Continuous Threat Research That Reduces OT Cyber Risks

Nozomi Networks Labs constantly monitors, analyzes and reports on sophisticated threats including zero-days, advanced malware, ICS vulnerabilities and more. Through our cyber security research, and collaboration with industry and institutions, we’re helping defend the industrial systems that support everyday life.

OT ThreatFeed incorporates the latest research from Nozomi Networks Labs.

Nozomi Networks Solution Architecture

Threat Intelligence You Can Rely On

OT ThreatFeed is produced
and curated by Nozomi
Networks Labs
, a team
of expert ICS security

Nozomi Networks customers
received LockerGoga malware
signatures within 48 hours

of an attack on a major
aluminum producer.

Hot Company for Threat
Best Product for
ICS/SCADA Security
Cyber Defense Magazine
InfoSec Awards 2019

Quotes 1 – 2


“Once you try Nozomi and its rich feature set you cannot imagine operating without it!”

Nozomi hands down wins the evaluations … the Nozomi platform was able to pick out and properly categorize more L2 devices than any other tool in the market place.

Security Analyst

Manufacturing Industry


“Innovative, easy to implement and even easier to maintain.”

From POC to implementation Nozomi has been quick to answer questions, provide feedback, and extensive support … Guardian is feature rich and Nozomi offers many different solutions for all aspects of our OT environment

Systems Specialist

Services Industry

Quotes 5 – 6


“Exceeded expectations. Deeper visibility than expected.”

Best part was the willingness to adapt to our unique environment. … Not only has their solution done as advertised, and then some.

Senior Industrial Security Manager

Manufacturing Industry


“Nozomi Guardian is literally window to the wire”

I have had an extremely positive experience with Nozomi. … I was amazed that 15 minutes later the things we were learning about our network – not all of it was good!

Lead C&I Engineer

Energy and Utilities Industry

Quotes 7 – 8


“Ease of deployment, behavioural baselining, visibility and granular asset inventory.”

Nozomi won hands down in terms of key features … The superb support and technical know-how provided by their Lead Engineer … [was] a key deciding factor.

Senior Security Engineer

ICS Manufacturing Industry


“Excellent Customer Service””

Nozomi offers excellent pre and post customer support, including 24/7 service that launched in 2019.

Senior System Architect

Energy and Utilities Industry

Quotes 9 – 10

From IT…

“With Nozomi Networks Guardian we can now detect and collect operational and cyber security issues in real-time, and take corrective actions before the threat can strike.”


Head of Cyber Security Design, Enel

From OT…

“Nozomi Networks Guardian is now a fundamental element of our network infrastructure and an essential tool for our daily activities.”


Head of Power Generation Remote Control System, Enel

Quotes 3 – 4


“The Guardian appliance is powerful, their team is skilled, they solved our problem.”

Nozomi has provided a high level of customer service and expertise throughout our procurement and implementation process. Their sales, engineering, and support teams are excellent and their product is best in class. 

Senior Program Manager

Manufacturing Industry


“This product keeps its promises.”

Guardian gives us precise alerts, with almost no false positives. Real events are clearly visible with the risk level indicator, making it easy to decide when and how to react.

System Administrator

Energy and Utilities Industry

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