What’s New
Nozomi Networks Solution 18.5

Latest Nozomi Networks Solution Provides Superior Cyber Security and Visibility for Industrial Control Networks


New passive + active product features Smart Polling™ for precise asset inventory, vulnerability assessment and ICS network monitoring.

OT ThreatFeed

New service delivers regular updates on ICS threats and vulnerabilities, making it easy for IT/OT teams to monitor and reduce risk.

User Interface

A streamlined user interface improves operational efficiency and reduces the time spent on network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Deployment Options

New container version of SCADAguardian integrates with switches, routers and firewalls, decreasing the number of hardware devices.

New SCADAguardian Advanced Delivers Deep ICS Network Visibility

Full Asset Inventory

  • Identifies a full set of asset inventory, providing accurate, deep details
  • Determines firmware versions and patch levels

Advanced Vulnerability Assessment

  • Confirms vulnerabilities for faster, more efficient response

Improved Network Monitoring and Threat Detection

  • Monitors a complete set of ICS data, improving threat and process anomaly detection

Smart Polling (Hybrid Passive + Active Approach)

  • Uses extensive information from passive network monitoring, adding precise, low volume, active Smart Polling as needed

  • Offers a default configuration or manual options for applying Smart Polling to specific devices and network segments only

Flexible Adoption Options

  • Fits all organizations: deploy SCADAguardian Advanced now, or start with passive SCADAguardian and migrate to active later

New OT ThreatFeed Ensures Up-to-Date Threat Monitoring

Timely Threat Detection

  • Detects known and emerging threats and vulnerabilities
  • Makes it easy for IT/OT teams to stay on top of current ICS risks
  • Curates, tests and adapts
    • Threat signatures, Indicators of Compromise and zero-days discovered by Nozomi Networks
    • Yara Rules and Packets from the ICS Community
    • Vulnerability updates from the U.S. government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD)

Actionable Threat Information

  • Identifies threats present in the industrial network and generates Smart Incidents™, correlated alerts combined with operational context for detailed insights

Flexible Update Options

  • Updates are available from the Nozomi Networks Customer Portal or automatically sent to designated CMCs

Improved User Interface Improves Efficiency

Streamlined UX

  • Increases productivity, speeding up ICS monitoring, threat detection and threat response efforts (all products)

New Deployment Option Reduces Hardware Units

Fast, Flexible Installation Option

  • Installs as a container application on switches, routers and other security infrastructure (SCADAguardian only) 

Nozomi Networks Solution Architecture – SCADAguardian Advanced Edition

What You Can Achieve with Nozomi Networks

Superior Operational Visibility

Automated, accurate asset inventory, intuitive visualization, and real-time monitoring.

Advanced ICS Threat Detection

Comprehensive threat detection with detailed insights that enable rapid remediation.

Rapid Global Deployments

Real-time monitoring of thousands of devices in facilities spread across multiple countries.

“Enel Power Plants are a strategic asset we are committed to protect. Malfunctions or damage to this infrastructure would be a threat to our national security. With SCADAguardian we can detect and collect operational and cybersecurity issues in real time, and take corrective actions before threats can strike.”


Head of Cybersecurity Design, Enel

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Superior Cyber Security
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