Professional Services

OT and IoT security expertise that speeds solution deployment and maximizes value

Our Professional Service offerings are designed to streamline the deployment of your security solution and maximize its value.

Consultants bring extensive cybersecurity OT and IoT experience, Nozomi Networks product knowledge, and a pragmatic understanding of your objectives to each engagement.

Our global partner ecosystem of highly trained and certified experts are fully enabled to support your implementation. Our partners, along with our multi-lingual in-house consultants, are ready to deploy a best-in-class operational resilience and cybersecurity solution across your organization.

Customized Deployment Topology

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Expertly Configured Installation

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Operations-ready Installation

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Streamlined Project Management

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Modular Services Tailored to Your Needs

Customized Services Engagements

Professional Services consultants will create a customized service engagement that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Our goal is to address your requirements, accelerate your deployment, and maximize the value you realize from the Nozomi Networks solution.

We are deeply aligned with a range of trusted OT/IoT/IT technology partnerships who we work with successfully.

Optimization Services

Optimization Services are designed to help you drive deeper adoption and maximize the value realized from the Nozomi Networks solution.

Our subscription model has been carefully crafted to give you complete flexibility in your selection of services. Check out all the options available in the Optimization Services data sheet.

Domains covered in a Health Check.
Health Check

Health Checks provide insight into the state of your Nozomi Networks solution at any given point of time, outline security best practices, and offer recommendations for improving your deployment.

Based on advice from our Professional Services consultants, you’ll be able to proactively optimize your OT/IoT visibility and monitoring system, fully leverage its powerful features, and keep your security posture up-to-date.

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