Professional Services:
Solution Deployment

Expertly configured installation

The Nozomi Networks Professional Services team uses their deep expertise in our products to help you realize benefits sooner. Our consultants can help with your upcoming installation, configuration, solution review, and much more.

MODULE: Install and Configure

Setup by Product Experts

A Nozomi Networks consultant documents or performs:

  • Appliance specifications
  • Configuration of all network parameters
  • Installation checks
  • Appliance functionality testing
  • Acceptance checks
Implementation is Fully Functional

The signed acceptance report is your declaration that:

  • The Nozomi Networks solution is properly set-up and functional
  • Your installation is documented
  • Basic knowledge transfer is done
  • Nozomi Networks stands behind your deployment

MODULE: Configuration Review

Configuration Validation

Our consultants assess in-house or third-party device configuration and document feedback in a report.

Assurance of Proper Configuration

Your solution configuration is enhanced and endorsed by Nozomi Networks

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