Professional Services:
Solution Design

Customized deployment topology

Nozomi Networks is passionate about helping your organization achieve your OT and IoT security and visibility objectives. Our consultants use their deep Nozomi Networks product knowledge to review your current environment and create a customized solution design.

MODULE: Site Survey

Infrastructure Assessment

Are your network diagrams outdated, or incomplete? Not a problem, we’ll do an onsite analysis of:

  • Your existing infrastructure
  • The location of your switches
  • The scope of devices to be monitored
  • The requirements of your networking and technical teams
  • Cabling requirements
Fast, Expertly Completed Installation Plan

You will receive a report that ensures:

  • Your solution requirements are documented
  • A list of inspected items and non-inspected items is recorded
  • Action items and assigned owners are documented
  • Site readiness is determined
  • Demands on your staff are minimized

MODULE: Solution Design

Expert Design Assistance

Do you have a complete set of network diagrams? Then there’s no need for a Site Survey. Our team of consultants analyzes your documentation and provides:

  • A design that ensures best coverage for your environment
  • Best practices know-how
  • Expertise based on similar deployments around the world
Design Tailored for Your Needs

You will receive design documents that provide:

  • A skillfully designed solution that is deeply tailored to your requirements
  • Thorough documentation and explanation of the plan
  • Valuable tools for cross-team communication and coordination
  • Smooth deployment guidance

MODULE: Design Review

Expert Design Review

Our experts review an in-house or third-party solution design and document feedback in a report.

Assurance of a Skillful Design

A deployment solution that is enhanced and endorsed by Nozomi Networks.

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