Nozomi Networks and Accenture

Helping industrial operators see and secure OT and IoT assets.

Comprehensive Defense Against Cyber Threats

Digital transformation is putting pressure on security teams to improve security of operational technology (OT) networks that include both legacy equipment and an increasing number of IoT devices.

Conventional OT monitoring technology simply wasn’t designed to defend an expanded attack surface that’s vulnerable to cyber threats targeting both OT and IoT devices. Any solution to the challenge must protect operational processes without impacting safety, productivity or efficiency.

The Nozomi Networks / Accenture Solution

Nozomi Networks and Accenture have combined their technology and services expertise to address the unique OT/IoT security challenges faced by automotive, life sciences, manufacturing and other industrial operators.

Our joint solution is designed to specifically address your manufacturing challenges by:

  • Securing your OT and IoT devices against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks
  • Optimizing maintenance cycles and minimizing supply chain disruption
  • Protecting insecure remote-work environments, onsite devices and networks

Accenture Services bundles our deep network visibility and real-time cybersecurity products with its advanced threat-hunting services to create a truly comprehensive OT/IoT security solution.

Plus, we make roll out of your enterprise-wide security solution easy – thanks to a global team of highly experienced Accenture consultants who have trained as Certified Nozomi Networks Engineers.

Two Security Leaders, Many Benefits

Lower Barrier to Entry

Do more with less investment, drive improved ROI.

Industry Depth

With deep experience in more than 40 industries, Accenture offers flexible services across Cyber Defense, Applied Cybersecurity and managed services – as well as eight cyber fusion centers, 16 delivery centers and four cyber labs.

Best-in-class Technologies

Supported by a global partner ecosystem.

Global Insight

Accenture’s OT cybersecurity team, the world’s largest, serves 75%+ of the Global Fortune 500 and 95 of the Fortune Global 100.

Turnkey Security

Rapidly acquire world-class capabilities, including greater visibility and industry-specific context, without the heavy lifting.

Proven Expertise

Nozomi Networks’ experience across OT, IoT and IT enables automotive companies to quickly and efficiently see all OT/IoT devices and behavior, detect threats, vulnerabilities, risk and anomalies, and unify their security monitoring.

Industry Solutions

Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment Companies Grow Rapidly With Improved Cybersecurity

Minimize disruptions and maximize growth with a new approach.

Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device Manufacturers Know the Rx for Cybersecurity

Healthy cybersecurity requires a new, turnkey approach.

Automotive Manufacturers, OEMs and Suppliers Grow Rapidly Thanks to Improved Cybersecurity

Maximize growth and minimize operational disruptions with a new approach.

For Airports, the New Way to Fly Is Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Unify and secure diverse operations with a new approach.

How Nozomi Networks and Accenture Work Together

Technology + Services Offering

Nozomi Networks Technology + Accenture Services Offering
  1. Infrastructure Design and Deployment
    The Nozomi Networks-powered infrastructure assessment evaluates your existing vulnerabilities, assets and protocols, and communication flows
    Accenture’s team then uses assessment insights to design and deploy a future-ready OT/IoT visibility and security infrastructure

  2. Security Monitoring and Response
    The Nozomi Networks solution provides insight into your control system components and security maturity, enabling Accenture professionals to build the right industrial incident response capabilities for your organization

  3. Managed Security Service
    Staff shortages and budget constraints make it difficult to build and manage cybersecurity processes. Managed Security Services from Accenture, aided by Nozomi Networks technology, enables you to rapidly and efficiently improve your security resilience

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