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Closing the IoT Security Gap

Closing the IoT Security Gap


IoT Technology Creates Visibility and Security Challenges


Pursuing Competitive Advantage

Organizations are embracing digital transformation and adopting IoT technologies to gain competitive advantage.

At the same time, they’re converging their OT and IT environments by adopting common technology platforms and data sharing to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Opening Up Isolated Networks

Previously, OT was considered low risk. OT environments were stand-alone – isolated from the internet and other IT systems. Operations teams and tools were also separate.

As a consequence, OT environments had limited network monitoring capabilities and security controls.

Convergence Creates Risks

Today, many centralized operations and security teams attempt to monitor converged OT and IoT environments using technology designed for IoT or IT networks.

The result, in spite of convergence, is that many organizations still can’t identify all the: 

  • OT/IoT devices on their network
  • Communications between assets and systems
  • Protocols used by non-IT devices
  • Vulnerabilities in operational systems

Mind the Gap

Too often, security controls designed to monitor IoT environments lack an understanding of proprietary OT protocols and OT device behavior. And, security controls designed for OT environments frequently lack an understanding of IoT protocols and the dynamic nature of their behavior.

Consequently, bad actors are taking advantage of these security blind spots to target OT and IoT assets.


Unified IoT/OT Visibility and Security


Respond Faster

Nozomi Networks delivers centralized OT and IoT security and visibility, enabling you to detect and respond to cyber threats, risks, and anomalies faster.

The solution’s comprehensive approach to visibility and monitoring unifies network visualization, asset inventory, vulnerability assessment, and threat detection in a single application.

Leverage Existing Infrastructure and Processes

The Nozomi Networks solution integrates quickly with your existing IT security infrastructure and processes for streamlined workflows and accelerated response.

  • Designed for securing both OT and IoT environments, the single console delivers a unified summary of all network activity.
  • Drill-down to detailed information enables security and operations teams to answer questions quickly via powerful queries about any OT/IoT data.

Unmatched Visibility

The automated asset inventory and network visualization enhances cyber resiliency and saves time by identifying all communicating devices – both OT and IoT.

It gives you extensive information on every device, including:

Name | Type | Serial number | Firmware Version | Components | Missing Patches | Vulnerabilities

Prevent Disruptions

Nozomi Networks delivers immediate awareness of your converged OT/IoT network and activity patterns of all its devices. It detects threats and anomalous behavior before they disrupt critical operations.

Real-time monitoring of devices and communications identifies behavioral anomalies due to a potential cyber threat as well as unusual process variable values that might indicate a reliability issue.


Breakthrough Anomaly Intelligence Reduces Alert Volume 

The Asset Intelligence service powers breakthrough anomaly detection for OT and IoT that filters out alerts for benign behavior, reducing the volume of alerts requiring investigation and accelerating incident response.

Guardian correlates continuously updated Asset Intelligence and Threat Intelligence information with the behaviors of the OT and IoT devices on the network to deliver maximum security and operational insight.

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