Detect Threats

Identify issues before they become problems

Identify Issues Before They Become Problems

Reducing risk and anticipating potential issues are just parts of a much bigger security picture. Even if you’re on top of both, it’s no guarantee that you will eliminate every new threat. Continuous process and traffic monitoring are critical to identifying and diagnosing threats or understanding process anomalies.

With Nozomi Networks you get access to an artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) engine that delivers industry-leading insights and analytics. Our threat intelligence data keeps you up to date with signatures and indicators of compromise (IOC) from the latest zero-day attacks and ransomware trends. We help you go beyond simple network anomaly detection to drill down into unexpected process changes and deviations from established baseline patterns so you can quickly diagnose root cause conditions and provide actionable intelligence to operators for fast remediation.

A Foundation of Passive Monitoring and Threat Detection

Our platform ensures that you can rapidly identify OT/IoT network risks, assesses vulnerabilities and prioritizes responses. You’ll also get automated vulnerability assessment functionality, thanks to more detailed risk information including security alerts, missing patches and more. Additionally, real-time asset information with up-to-date configuration data provides the latest device configuration details.

Nozomi Networks also delivers deep knowledge of your environment through efficient and effective monitoring of critical processes, plus the ability to leverage AI/ML techniques to correlate root cause analysis with observed anomalies. This allows us to understand what’s happening, explain why it’s occurring, and recommend the best way to respond.

Our platform’s highly accurate and automated diagnostics reduce troubleshooting time and accelerates Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). It takes normal behavior for assets with frequent changes into consideration, eliminating alerts for benign anomalies. Our optional Threat Intelligence service keeps you always-up-to-date with emerging malware and indicators of compromise specific to industrial processes and IoT devices.

AI-powered anomaly detection technologies deliver highly accurate threat detection. Our solution scans for known malicious threats on communication networks, evaluates select assets for more specific analysis and quality control, and creates custom alerts based on real-world outcomes.

Actionable Insights You Can Use to Effectively Manage Risks

By starting with fast, accurate information, our threat diagnosis solution offers unmatched insight to drive smarter decision making. Your OT and IT teams will have access to a world of actionable intelligence, including an always-up-to-date asset inventory, faster troubleshooting, and more efficient forensics and process analytics.

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