Effectively Monitoring My SCADA Network


Staying on Top of SCADA Network Monitoring

The complex nature of the mining industry, from extraction and processing through supply management and shipping, means that one small process change can have a significant effect on equipment, safety and profitability. Staying on top of what’s happening in your industrial control network, and responding to changes fast, is mission critical.

But you can’t monitor and manage a technology landscape that’s not visible and documented. Do you really know what devices are on your OT and IoT network, and how many there are? Which ones are actively communicating and what protocols they’re using? Would you know if someone intentionally or accidentally changed the security configuration of a PLC on a hydraulic motor in one of your trucks?

To spot and troubleshoot networking and communication issues that threaten reliability, you need real-time visibility into your assets, connections, communications, protocols and more.


Using Real-time Network Visualization to Improve Mining Process Awareness

Nozomi Networks Solution: Network Graph View This visualization displays all assets on your network for real-time awareness.

The Nozomi Networks solution addresses these common operational visibility challenges through real-time network visualization and monitoring.

As soon as they’re deployed, Guardian™ sensors begin analyzing your network traffic, using the data to build a live, interactive visualization of your system. The breadth and depth of information is often surprising, giving you visibility into aspects of the ICS you weren’t previously aware of. Plus, you can easily drill down for more information.

An extensive amount of useful information is available, including:

  • A macro view of the entire industrial control network, that is easily changed to show zones, topology, nodes, links, sessions, and traffic
  • The ability to navigate and filter by different subnets and network segments
  • The role of each node and the traffic between nodes
  • The protocols used to communicate between nodes and between zones
  • Network traffic information such as throughput, protocols and open TCP connections
  • The detailed attributes of endpoints and connections

The Nozomi Networks solution provides comprehensive visibility into your industrial network and ICS assets. It helps you manage and monitor your industrial network in a highly efficient way, identifying risks to reliability, and making it easy to troubleshoot problems.

Easily Identify Reliability Risks with Continuous Network Monitoring

Vantage delivers advanced network visualization and monitoring capabilities. It helps you spot and investigate changes and problems, and avoid expensive process downtime.

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