Improving Network Visibility Across Properties


Staying on Top of All My Building Automation Systems

Building IT, IoT and OT staff face the challenging task of managing, monitoring and securing systems they can’t wrap their arms around. Not only are there hundreds to thousands of assets from many different vendors to keep track of, new sensors and IoT devices are often added and changed frequently.

Accurate visualization of your operational networks, including components and ongoing activity, speeds your ability to identify threats, troubleshoot anomalies and respond to incidents.


Real-time Network Visualization

Nozomi Networks Solution: Network Graph View This visualization displays all assets on your network for real-time awareness.
The Nozomi Networks solution improves situational awareness by automatically creating an intuitive visualization of your operational networks, allowing you to quickly see aspects of your OT/IoT systems you weren’t previously aware of. Upon deployment, it immediately analyzes network traffic and builds a live, macro view containing extensive information, including:
  • The identity of all entities communicating over the network
  • Network traffic details such as throughput, protocols and open TCP connections
  • Devices from all vendors
  • Protocols used to communicate between nodes and zones
  • Macro views and detailed data on endpoints and connections
  • Visualization of multiple, geographically distributed properties (when deployed with the Central Management Console)
The solution supports drilldown, filtering by subnets and network segments, and exporting/printing the network structure and all of its details. Plus, its unique process views help you identify operational changes before they impact cybersecurity or uptime. Examples include detecting a piece of equipment that’s slipping out of scope – before it fails, and identifying an operational variable with a value never seen before – that might be related to a malicious attack.

Superior OT and IoT Visibility

Vantage delivers advanced network visualization capabilities that help you improve situational awareness and deepen your understanding of network structure and activity. It also makes it easy to monitor and manage OT security across distributed properties, with consolidated data access from Guardian sensors across all buildings.

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