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Integrating Essential OT/IoT Visibility into SOAR Technologies

Integrating Essential OT/IoT Visibility into SOAR Technologies


Too Many Alerts, Not Enough Visibility

OT/IoT Visibility into SOAR Technologies

Enterprise security and incident response teams are often overwhelmed by the task of investigating and responding to the massive volume of alerts coming from their security stack.

To help automate, coordinate and execute on incident response workflows, response teams have adopted Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) technologies.

Unfortunately, these IT-based security tools have limited visibility into OT/IoT environments. This leaves responders without the necessary visibility into the OT and IoT assets in their networks.

OT/IoT Visibility

Add OT/IoT Data to Improve the Effectiveness of SOAR Technologies

You can improve the effectiveness of your incident response workflows by integrating Nozomi Networks’ unmatched security and visibility information into your security orchestration.

Nozomi Networks provides essential insight into OT and IoT assets, enabling you to expand your SOAR playbooks to protect your converged OT/IoT networks.


Asset Discovery

Identify all communicating assets on your networks.

Incorporate extensive asset information including name, IP and MAC address, type, serial number, firmware version and components.

Vulnerability Assessment

Detect vulnerable assets to prioritize remediation.

See all vulnerable OT and IoT assets utilizing the U.S. government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD) for standardized naming, description and scoring.


Threat and Anomaly Detection

Identify cybersecurity and process reliability threats.

Integrate comprehensive threat and risk monitoring from behavior-based anomaly detection and signature-based threat detection.

Improve OT/IoT Visibility into SOAR Technologies
SOAR Technologies - OT/IoT Visibility

Breakthrough Asset Intelligence Reduces Alert Volume

The Asset Intelligence service powers breakthrough anomaly detection for OT and IoT that filters out alerts for benign behavior, reducing the volume of alerts requiring investigation and accelerating incident response.

Guardian correlates continuously updated Asset Intelligence and Threat Intelligence information with the behaviors of the OT and IoT devices on the network to deliver maximum security and operational insight.

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