Maximize Visibility

Eliminate blind spots and get in front of service interruptions

Maximize Visibility. Minimize Surprises.

By the time you react to an interruption, the damage is already done—shaking the confidence of your team and stakeholders. That’s why we offer proactive, detailed and accurate asset visibility across both OT/IoT environments and processes to help you anticipate interruptions and security risks before they impact operations.

This goes back to the first phase of cybersecurity maturity: understanding what’s on your network and anticipating where risks may arise. At Nozomi Networks, we provide visibility to all your endpoints with deep data collection to help expose vulnerabilities and to highlight where you should be focusing your risk management efforts. Our goal is to help you:

  • Visualize your device connections and traffic patterns to facilitate research and compliance efforts
  • Anticipate security threats before they impact your operations, while reducing risk across your organization

Asset discovery in OT and IoT environments can be completely passive based on observing mirrored traffic to not disrupt critical processes, trigger alarms or generate additional traffic. We help you get a complete view of communicating devices and traffic patterns to build a visualization map that can accelerate research and quickly identify anomalies and incidents.

Better Insight for Better Decisions

So, how exactly can Nozomi Networks help you find vulnerabilities in your environment and head off threats?

  • We manage one of the most extensive databases of known vulnerabilities from researchers and security bodies around the globe
  • We compare these vulnerabilities to your environment to identify risks and patch priorities
  • Our workbooks prioritize remediation efforts by highlighting the most critical endpoint vulnerabilities
  • Our Asset Intelligence subscription service keeps your organization up-to-date on the latest vulnerability research, current OS and firmware patch levels and recent breaches

We also accurately discover any device regardless of its location, and provide in-depth visibility with rich data and analysis so you can anticipate and respond to emerging threats faster.

Additionally, we monitor material supply chains and measure equipment performance in production processes to predict or detect unplanned interruptions. Since disruptions and threats can come from non-cybersecurity-related events, this ability to identify risks before they happen is incredibly valuable to any organization—including yours. Nozomi Networks also offers automated risk assessment—including wear-and-tear, timing malfunctions, and more—which can be just as important in protecting your critical infrastructure.

Protecting Your Devices and Networks Against More Than Cyberattacks

Hackers, malware and malicious activity aren’t the only things that create business risk. Our predictive asset intelligence identifies when systems and devices may cause operational disruption, and provides recommended approaches to address them for preventative maintenance. We take telemetry data and apply learnings to help predict the impact of changes and keep processes running at peak efficiency.

Our actionable risk assessment insights—including security and reliability alerts, missing patches and vulnerabilities— allow you to anticipate what might happen or anticipate your level of risk if you do or do not take specific actions such as updating software.

We also offer deep asset intelligence that knows the expected and baseline behavior of a surveillance camera or a programmable logic controller, for example. We can identify even when trusted devices may be compromised and evaluate them for quarantine or restricted access.

The Nozomi Networks solution helps eliminate blind spots and increase cyber threat awareness—all so you can anticipate risks and threats before they impact your critical infrastructure.

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