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Mitigating ICS Cyber Incidents

The Challenge

Improving Your Cyber Resiliency By Proactively Containing Risks

While malware and other high profile cyberattacks get a lot of attention, the SANS Institute reports that more than 40% of ICS professionals rank accidental incidents as a top threat vector.1

Examples include device configuration errors, default or weak passwords and disabling security software on a company laptop.

In addition to implementing cyber security best practices, two other things are needed to thwart accidental or unintentional cyber incidents – detection and counter response.

1 SANS Securing Industrial Control Systems 2017

The Solution

Proactive Cyber Risk Detection and Effective Incident Response

The Nozomi Networks solution proactively identifies cyber risks that threaten the security of your industrial control systems.

Cyber Risk Detection

The solution is able to detect a wide range of risks, including:

Assets with vulnerabilitiesBad configurations (NTP/DNS/DHCP, etc.)
Cleartext or weak passwordsCorrupted OT packets
Device state change
IP conflicts
New connections to the enterprise networkNew connections to the Internet
New communicationsNew nodes
Policy violationsNew remote access
Open ports on assetsNon-responsive asset
Unauthorized cross level communicationUnencrypted communications (Telnet)

Incident Response

The solution also reduces forensic efforts and speeds response time. Its advanced industrial network monitoring identifies accidental and unintentional cyber incidents and helps you remediate them to achieve higher levels of cyber resiliency.

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Proactively pinpoint unintentional and accidental risks created by weak passwords, new connections to the internet, IP conflicts and more.

Advanced Cyber Risk and Threat Detection

Guardian delivers advanced cyber risk identification capabilities that help you uncover operational threats in real-time.

More Operational Visibility & Cyber Security Challenges

Automating My Asset Inventory

Creating an inventory of my industrial control system assets and keeping it up-to-date is extremely difficult.

Improving Situational Awareness

Without visibility into my entire industrial network and its activities, it’s hard to effectively monitor, manage and secure it.

Preventing Unplanned Downtime

Identifying devices that are slipping out of scope would help me avoid equipment failure and costly downtime.


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