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See and Secure Critical Infrastructure Systems


See and Secure Critical Infrastructure Systems


Without Visibility into Operational Technology Networks, You Can’t Defend Them

Government agencies use automation systems to keep everything from bases to commissaries to aircraft carriers functioning properly. These complex and often aging technology environments make visibility difficult.

Furthermore, to operate systems efficiently, reduce energy consumption and increase the lifecycle of assets, IoT (Internet of Things)-based systems and sensors are being added to gather as much data as possible.

To keep things running smoothly, agencies need a simple yet comprehensive way to see and inventory assets and networks. This is the first step to building a stronger cybersecurity posture.


Immediately Visualize Operational Technology Networks

The Nozomi Networks solution automates asset identification and inventory and provides real-time network visualization. Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive visibility into critical infrastructure networks and systems
  • Network-wide situational awareness
  • Better oversight of vulnerabilities and risks to reliability
  • Faster troubleshooting of system changes and issues

An intuitive visualization of your operational networks allows you to quickly see aspects of your OT/IoT systems you weren’t previously aware of. The live, interactive network graph contains extensive information, including:

  • The identity of all entities communicating over the network
  • Network traffic details such as throughput, protocols and open TCP connections
  • Devices from all vendors
  • Protocols used to communicate between nodes and zones

In addition, an OT/IoT asset inventory is automatically created that identifies network devices, validates details and provides precise descriptions. It monitors each asset’s metadata in real-time, collecting attributes such as:

  • Device name, type, serial number, firmware version and components
  • Asset and subpart properties: site, name, IP address, MAC address and state
  • Measurement points
  • PC operating system and installed software apps with version numbers

The Nozomi Networks solution sends you alerts when changes to hardware, software and devices occur. This quickly brings operational risks or potential cyber incidents to your attention.


Immediately Visualize Your Networks

Immediately Visualize Your OT and IoT Networks

Real-time network visualization capabilities improve system awareness and understanding of network structure and activity. Automatic tracking of critical infrastructure assets, including detailed and verified device information, is the first step towards building better cyber resilience.

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Rapidly Detect Malware and Hasten Incident Response

“A significant shift in how operational technologies (OT) are viewed, evaluated, and secured within the U.S. is needed to prevent malicious cyber actors (MCA) from executing successful, and potentially damaging, cyber effects.”

National Security Agency, Cybersecurity Advisory

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