Improving OT & IoT Visibility and Security in Smart Cities

Why Is Improving Cybersecurity for Smart Cities So Critical?

As smart cities become more complex and interconnected, they become more vulnerable to cyberattacks. City administrators are under pressure to reduce cyber risk and avoid:
  • Identity theft or breach of consumer data
  • Denial or delay of critical services such as power or transportation
  • Costly ransomware attacks
  • Safety risks such as compromised water supply
To reduce operational failures and exposure for residents, businesses, and employees, smart cities need IoT and OT visibility and security.

The huge volume of sensitive data being collected and stored by IoT connected smart cities, plus the ability to disrupt, makes these systems an attractive target for a range of threat actors.”

UK's National Cyber Security Centre

Smart Cities Need Smart Security

Traditional cybersecurity solutions can’t keep pace with the growing number of smart devices and the huge volume of sensitive data. Nozomi Networks leads the industry in IoT and OT visibility and threat detection.

To anticipate where risks may arise, we help you see and understand what’s on your smart city networks with a live, interactive network visualization that shows assets, links, traffic, data flows and more in a single pane of glass view. Nozomi Networks provides comprehensive visibility of OT and IoT devices that are often missed by traditional IT cybersecurity solutions to expose vulnerabilities.

The Nozomi Networks solution automates asset inventory, no matter the physical location or function. This includes all systems such as smart grids, metering and transportation, video surveillance and more.

In addition, Nozomi Networks improves your smart city situational awareness by proactively gathering critical endpoint information through a combination of passive discovery and smart polling. This is particularly important in a smart city, where residents access municipal systems through potentially compromised end user devices.

Single Asset View with extensive information.
Single Asset View with extensive information.
Portion of interactive Network Visualization Graph.
Network Visualization View displays all assets communicating on your network for real-time awareness.

Defend Against Data Theft and Ransomware While Keeping Smart City Services Reliable

Vantage Alerts and Playbooks script guided remediation efforts to accelerate response.
Vantage Workbooks show which vulnerabilities create the highest risk exposure and how to prioritize efforts for the greatest impact.

A smart city’s wide and diverse range of connected infrastructure systems makes it a prime target for hackers. Ransomware attacks can impair core city systems, causing disruption to vital services and violating data privacy.

Nozomi Networks applies its artificial intelligence and machine learning engines to deliver industry-leading insights and analytics. Our threat intelligence data keeps you up to date with signatures and indicators of compromise (IOC) from the latest zero-day attacks and ransomware.

Our smart city security solution drills down into unexpected process changes and deviations from established baseline patterns. We quickly diagnose root cause conditions and provide actionable intelligence for fast remediation.

When an incident is identified, you can respond with speed and effectiveness with Nozomi Networks’ customized playbooks.

Nozomi Networks helps you prevent or minimize security breaches and ransomware attacks. It also helps you achieve cybersecurity best practices, limiting your liability risk and improving your risk management.

Improve Your Smart City Cybersecurity Posture

Don’t allow cybersecurity to become an afterthought. Improve your technology governance with a solution that covers your entire smart city infrastructure and keeps up with your digital initiatives.

Smart city networks present a large attack surface due their accessibility by multiple end users. With the Nozomi Networks solution, you can achieve a non-disruptive approach to Zero Trust compliance in a constantly changing threat landscape.

Protect your infrastructure with a solution designed for hard-to-secure IoT and OT infrastructure devices to limit risk, meet compliance requirements and reduce your liability.

Improve Your Smart City Cybersecurity Posture
Smart cities need an easy-to-deploy system that scales elegantly to cover any number of IoT, OT and IT, edge and cloud assets.

Scale Up

Dispersed infrastructure, quickly evolving IoT systems and complex high-volume networks require monitoring at scale.

Smart cities need an easy-to-deploy system that scales elegantly to cover any number of IoT, OT and IT, edge and cloud assets. With the ability to secure a wide range of physical IoT devices and sensors at any scale and on a cloud-hosted platform, we cover all smart city systems, from smarts grids, metering and transportation to video surveillance and more.

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