Nozomi Networks and Keysight

Together, we simplify security, visibility and threat detection across your OT and IoT assets.

The OT/IoT Security Challenge

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly bringing industrial environments online, expanding the attack surface for cyber threats beyond traditional IT assets. As a result, it’s increasingly important for organizations to extend operational visibility to include the wide variety of OT/IoT and IT devices now on their networks.

The Nozomi Networks/Keysight Solution

The Keysight Vision platform collects data across locations, providing a centralized source of aggregated networking information. This makes it easy and fast to deploy the Nozomi Networks solution, which analyzes the OT and IoT data and delivers real-time visibility and threat detection for critical processes.

Together, we are eliminating the barriers to digital transformation by delivering the rich contextual insight needed to defend your OT and IoT assets against cyberattacks, undetected failures, and costly outages.

Joint Solution Benefits

Nozomi Networks Solution: Network Graph View
This visualization displays all assets on your network for real-time awareness. Click to enlarge.

Reduce Time to Value and Simplify Deployment

Deploy in Minutes

  • Collect data from all operational environments and deliver it to the Nozomi Networks solution via Keysight Vision ONE
  • Centrally manage all your operational networks from a single point
  • Reduce troubleshooting and monitoring time & efforts

Unify Visibility Across Your OT/IoT Networks

  • Identify vulnerabilities in IoT and OT assets
  • Eliminate dangerous blind spots in your security monitoring programs
  • Improve operational productivity and efficiency by detecting changes that may cause downtime

Respond Fast, With Complete Confidence, Every Time

Defend Your Networks Against Cyberattacks and Downtime

  • Accelerate incident response and remediation by capturing IT/OT/IoT-correlated insight in one place
  • Detect threats in real-time with integrated intelligence specific to threats targeting OT and IoT assets
  • Understand your security risk with comprehensive vulnerability details
Smart Incident showing related alerts and security context. Click to enlarge.

How Nozomi Networks and Keysight Work Together

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