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Operational Resiliency and Cyber Security for Mine Operators

Protect your extraction, refinement and resource management processes against disruption, while improving operational efficiencies.

The mining industry is quickly embracing digitization to control costs, increase productivity and improve margins. But the proliferation of IP-enabled components – from temperature sensors to orbital motors – increases exposure to challenges like supply chain disruption, equipment failure and IP theft.

Which Challenge is Keeping You Awake at Night?

Effectively Monitoring My SCADA Networks

To optimize the use of raw materials, production schedules and logistics, I need visibility into – and data out of – my ICS networks.

Proactively Identifying Equipment Wear

A truck can cost $5M. A single tire, $60K. I need to know if a component is approaching burnout before it costs me a bundle.

Defending the Mine Against Malicious Data Theft

To protect my production numbers, business plans and IP from prying eyes, I need to secure my OT data and systems.

Segmenting My OT Network for Cyber Resiliency

To prevent perimeter breaches from spreading, I need visibility into my OT network structure, and insight into which assets are vulnerable.

Nozomi Networks Mining Industry Leadership

Deployed in 4 of the top 10 global mining companies.

How We Build Mining Operational Resiliency and Defend It Against Cyber Risk

Superior Operational Visibility

Accurately visualize your industrial networks and improve resilience with real-time asset inventory and network monitoring.

Advanced ICS Threat Detection

Rapidly manage cyber threats and process risks with a solution that correlates multiple, advanced detection techniques.

Rapid Global Deployments

Centrally monitor hundreds of facilities with a solution proven to scale across continents and integrate with IT/OT systems.

Sample Deployment Architecture for Mining Operations

Shown here is an example of how the Nozomi Networks solution can be deployed at a mining site and processing facility.

A wide variety of appliances, a flexible architecture, and integrations with other systems allow us to provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Additionally, Remote Collectors™ can be added to Guardian appliances to capture data from remote and offsite locations.

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The High Cost of a Mining OT Cyber Security Incident


Norsk Hydro


Ransomware: LockerGoga


Forced to switch to manual operations and workarounds. Production output of one business unit reduced by 50%. Reporting, billing, invoicing and other admin systems suffered delays. Lost margins and low production volumes.


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