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Securing OT and IoT in Transportation & Logistics

Gain visibility into your automated systems and protect them against disruption and cyberattacks.

Transportation and logistics companies are embracing digital automation as a fast track to operational efficiency. But the complex mix of operational systems makes it challenging to see and secure the entire IT and OT/IoT environment, while adhering to stringent uptime and safety requirements.

Which OT / IoT Security Challenge is Keeping You Awake at Night?

Gaining Deeper Visibility into Multi-System Operations

Without visibility into all the devices on my OT/IoT networks, it’s hard to monitor how passenger, cargo and other services are operating.

Preventing Operational Disruption and Downtime

To efficiently move thousands of people and products every single day, my automated systems can’t be down for even a minute.

Detecting Malware Before It Impacts Operations

To prevent malware from spreading across my transport & logistics management systems, I need real-time threat and anomaly detection.

Understanding Where System Vulnerabilities Lie

Knowing which vendor’s IT, OT and IoT devices are at risk would help me prioritize my security assessment and remediation efforts.

Nozomi Networks – Securing Global Industry Leaders

How We Build Transportation & Logistics System Resiliency
and Defend it Against Cyber Risk

Securing the World's Largest Organizations

Accelerating your digital transformation by reducing cyber risk. 

Unifying Cybersecurity and Visibility

Innovating visibility and threat detection across your OT, IoT, IT and cyber-physical systems. 

Partnering to Accelerate IT/OT Convergence

Deeply aligned with the OT, IoT and IT partners you trust.

Sample Deployment Architecture for Transportation and Logistics Organizations

Shown here is an example of how the Nozomi Networks solution can be deployed to provide visibility and security for the many systems used in operating an airport.

A wide variety of appliances, a flexible architecture and integrations with other systems allow us to
provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Additionally, Remote Collectors™ can be added to Guardian appliances to capture data from distributed automation systems.

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The High Costs of Transportation Industry Cyber Incidents


Integrated Logistics


Ransomware: NotPetya

  • Operational disruption for two weeks
  • Shutdown of cargo terminal
  • Equipment damage and business disruption
  • Significant loss of revenue

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