August 8 – 11, 2019, Las Vegas, NV, United States

Nozomi Networks is product to sponsor The ICS Village at DEF CON 27 in Las Vegas.

The ICS Village is designed to help industry and policymakers better defend industrial equipment. Through simulate, interactive ICS environments and educational experiences, ICS Village aims to train IT and industrial equipment operators how to better prepare and respond to the changing cyber threat landscape.

To connect with Nozomi Networks at this event:

  • Drop by ICS Village for a demo the Nozomi Networks real-time ICS cyber security and operational visibility solution
  • Schedule a meeting with a Nozomi Networks cyber security expert

Research Paper: GreyEnergy: Dissecting the Malware from Maldoc to Backdoor
Research Paper: TRITON: The First ICS Cyber Attack on Safety Instrument Systems
Blog: IEC 62351 Standards for Securing Power System Communications
Executive Brief: The Cost of OT Cyber Security Incidents and How to Reduce Risk
Solution Brief: Advancing ICS Visibility and Cyber Security with the Nozomi Networks Solution
Visit the ICS Village website
Visit the DEF CON 27 website

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