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Thursday, September 24, 2020 | 1:00pm SST | 3:00pm AEST


Now more than ever, innovation must go on, wherever we are working. And just as you continue innovating what’s next, we are innovating our next Keysight World events to bring you the latest in industry, design and test trends from the comfort of your desk while maintaining the technical depth you need.

Immerse yourself in our co-hosted panel discussion titled: The Devil’s in Dependency: Data-Driven Visibility to Improve Security.

Register today and see how the IT Network Security Track panel discussion will help your organization gain complete visibility into your network.

Webinar: Keysight (Ixia) + Nozomi Networks: “Securing ICS – Can industrial devices take your network down?”
Webinar: Securing ICS: Could Industrial Devices Take Your Network Down?
Solution Brief: Keysight

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