Best Practices to Deploy Zero Trust With AI-driven Threat Detection for IT/OT Networks


Industrial control systems and OT networks are widely perceived as the most vulnerable attack vectors and most difficult endpoints to secure. They have traditionally been air gapped from IT networks and unavailable for remote access, but that is no longer possible. Securing OT networks has different requirements than IT networks and specialized security architectures are required.  
In this webinar we explore current security and operational challenges faced by asset owners and operators as IT/OT networks converge. We’ll share best practices on why zero-trust, combined with AI-driven threat detection and automated remediation is a big improvement over traditional security – and why it’s effective against external and insider threats. We will also provide recommendations for engaging OT and IT about developing a Zero-Trust strategy to protect your critical network infrastructure. 
Gary Kinghorn, Director of Marketing, Tempered Networks  
Chris Grove, CISSP, NSA-IAM, Technology Evangelist, Nozomi Networks 
This webinar is moderated by Renee Bassett, Chief Editor for Automation.com.

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