Cybersecurity Common Practices for Critical Infrastructure: Who’s Monitoring What?


What are the most common cybersecurity practices across OT and ICS sectors? Is monitoring prevention, or detection? How do I get the basics right, with so many competing voices in the market?

With a look at the most recent FERC focus on internal network security monitoring, join Nozomi Networks and Keysight Technologies with special guest Patrick Miller of Ampere Security to uncover who’s monitoring what – from network defenders to top-down regulation. Key takeaways include how to scope your cybersecurity priorities, how to use tools to the best of your ability, and lessons learned for successful implementation of industry standards.

Who should attend:

  • IT leaders tasked with OT security
  • Business leaders scoping new OT programs
  • Compliance teams grappling with increased legislation
  • Network administrators curious about monitoring in OT/ICS

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