Cybersecurity Strategies for Smart Buildings and Commercial Real Estate


Automation and digital transformation are rapidly increasing the connectivity and security requirements for commercial real estate, retail sites, and smart buildings. Security breaches against cyberphysical systems have been seen to disrupt much more than worker access and productivity, extending to broad legal exposure for compliance and life safety failures and loss of income.

Building automation systems have diverse requirements for secure access and the operational teams have different objectives for systems that have to be up 7×24 than traditional IT security teams. How can organizations as diverse as REITs, hospital systems and shopping malls create a cyberphysical security strategy with limited resources and expertise against increasingly sophisticated threats such as ransomware, botnets and supply chain attacks?

Join Intelligent Buildings and Nozomi Networks for a practical conversation about how managed security services can offer a turn-key solution that is always up to date with industry leading asset visibility, threat detection and monitoring.

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Securing OT & IoT in Building Management Systems

With the growing reliance on OT and IoT devices in smart buildings to achieve efficiencies and lower costs, executives, 
facility managers and IT departments must secure their building systems from cyberattacks. 

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