Deep Dive with the ICS Advisory Project


The ICS Advisory Project is an open-source project to provide DHS CISA ICS-CERT Advisories data visualized as a dashboard and in Comma Separated CVS format to support vulnerability analysis for the OT/ICS community. This webinar discusses how security researchers report on and disclose vulnerability information, the relationship between researchers, product vendors/manufacturers and end users, and what to do with the information shared

Here are some of the questions covered in the webinar: 

  • What is the vulnerability pipeline and why is it important?
  • What might delay or deter a vendor from releasing a patch if/when they don’t produce one for an extended period of time after disclosure?
  • How can people familiarize themselves with the ICS Advisory Project dashboard and make best use of it in their own security planning and processes?
  • How does Nozomi Networks’ product team incorporate known and disclosed vulnerabilities into their products and solutions?

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