Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Across IT and OT Environments


Turning threat intelligence into something actionable is essential to realize the value of CTI. But how do we do that?

What are the challenges we must be prepared to face, and how are many organizations overcoming them across both IT and OT environments?

Join Patrick Arvidson, Chief Strategist/Evangelist of Interpres Security, and Sandeep Lota, Field CTO of Nozomi Networks, in this panel moderated by Ismael Valenzuela, SANS Author and Senior Instructor, as they discuss some of the building blocks that allow organizations to operationalize CTI and bring tangible improvements to their cyber defense programs.

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Threat Intelligence

Nozomi Networks Threat Intelligence continuously updates Vantage sensors with rich data and analysis so you can detect and respond to emerging threats faster. Vantage correlates Threat Intelligence information with broader environmental behavior to deliver maximum security and operational insight.

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