OT Cybersecurity in the Era of Automated Shipping Operations


In this webinar, Nozomi Networks and ABS Group cover the most common cyber vulnerabilities in vessel systems and port operations and how they can be addressed. We discus how to implement a comprehensive OT cybersecurity program while supporting the automation processes and efficiencies that are taking place at the different levels of the maritime shipping ecosystem. 
Learn about: 
  • The impact of OT cybersecurity in the maritime industry 
  • Cyber vulnerabilities that can cause interruptions with little effort or knowledge 
  • Systems exposed in vessels and at port 
  • Industry regulations and guidelines that prevent and address cyber risk 
  • Strategies to implement a successful OT cybersecurity program 

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Cybersecurity Solutions for the Maritime Industry

As maritime companies become more connected and autonomous, their vulnerability to cyber threats is increasing, making cybersecurity a priority.

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