Solution Overview

Real-time Cybersecurity and Visibility for Industrial Control Networks

The Nozomi Networks Solution improves ICS cyber resiliency and provides real-time operational visibility. Major customers have improved reliability, cybersecurity and operational efficiency using our technology.

Key Benefits


Rapidly Detect Cybersecurity
Threats, Risks and Incidents


Quickly Recognize Operational


Easily Track Industrial Assets
and Know Their Cybersecurity Risks


Significantly Reduce Mitigation,
Troubleshooting and Forensic Efforts


Centrally Supervise and Monitor Large,
Distributed Industrial Networks


Confidently Deploy at Enterprise Scale
thanks to Proven Performance

The Nozomi Networks Solution Architecture


The Nozomi Networks solution is built on a base of proprietary, foundational technologies that thoroughly learn, model and analyze your industrial control network and process.
Once the learning phase is completed, our products automatically start monitoring your system, rapidly detecting cyberattacks, cyber risks and process anomalies.
A suite of application modules helps you visualize, monitor and take actions that improve cyber resiliency, reliability and the productivity of your teams.
Our central management platform delivers consolidated OT visibility across multiple plants or SCADA networks
Both scalable and open, our architecture supports distributed systems and integrates with security and automation infrastructure
Delivered in a range of physical and virtual appliances, the Nozomi Networks solution installs non-intrusively with no downtime or network disruption

Nozomi Networks Application Modules

ICS Anomaly, Intrusion and Risk Detection

Immediate detection of cyber intrusions, cyber incidents and ICS process anomalies allows fast identification and remediation of situations that could impact security and reliability.

Network Visualization and Modelling

Network mapping and visualization improves system and process awareness plus facilitates troubleshooting and incident remediation.

Asset Inventory

Automated identification of assets saves time and is always up-to-date. An accurate system inventory greatly improves cyber resiliency.

Vulnerability Assessment

A state-of-the art repository checks your system against current vulnerabilities, providing clear warning of ICS risk.

Dashboards and Reporting

Visual dashboards, detailed reports and real-time querying provide visibility that improves cybersecurity and operational efficiency.

Sample Architecture


Shown above is just one example of how the Nozomi Networks Solution can be deployed.
A wide variety of SCADAguardian appliances, a flexible architecture, and integrations with other systems allow us to provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of your organization.