Protect your control network from cyberattacks and operational disruptions.
SCADAguardian provides comprehensive, real-time visibility into ICS networks, devices and process status.
It is non-intrusive and completely safe.

Key Benefits

Rapidly Detect Cybersecurity Threats and Incidents

  • Identifies malicious cyber threats including complex or zero-day attacks with no fixed pattern or signature
  • Uncovers unintentional cyber incidents, such as device misconfigurations or the addition of rogue devices to the network
  • Alerts and assists with remediation
  • Integrates with security infrastructure such as SIEMs

Quickly Identify and Remediate Operational Anomalies

  • Analyzes network devices for baselines and their impact on process behavior
  • Discovers malfunctions, misconfigurations and irregularities
  • Helps you avert service disruptions, expensive repairs and loss of revenue

Reduce Troubleshooting and Remediation Efforts

  • Automates the thorough, centralized analysis of incidents, taking advantage of SCADAguardian’s deep understanding of your network and process
  • Eliminates days of decoding network data and manually aggregating information from various sources
  • Provides real-time answers to industrial issues and incident investigations
  • Saves time and reduces costs

Easily Monitor Remote Sites from a Central Location

  • Provides visibility across multiple plants and large geographic areas using the SCADAguardian Central Management Console
  • Enables remote troubleshooting and fast incident response
  • Alerts and assists with remediation
  • Reduces onsite support costs

Preempt Corrective Maintenance

  • Utilizes centralized monitoring and continuous process anomaly detection to provide advance notice of failing equipment
  • Facilitates less costly preventative maintenance

Save Time and Avoid Regulatory Compliance Fines

  • Eliminates the need for time consuming, manual data aggregation
  • Provides detailed, automated business reports
  • Helps avoid regulatory penalties

Proven Value


Enel is a multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators. It operates in more than 30 countries across 4 continents and serves more than 61 million end users around the world.

“With Nozomi Networks’ SCADAguardian we can now detect and collect operational and cybersecurity issues in real-time, and take corrective actions before the threat can strike.”

Head of Cybersecurity Design, Enel

“Nozomi proved to us, through an extensive production pilot in Italy, that their non­intrusive in­depth technology was able to substantially improve the reliability, efficiency, and cybersecurity of our remote control system.”

Head of Power Generation Remote Control System, Enel

“Nozomi has impressive traction for a young company with several large industrial enterprises operating at scale commercial deployments – industrial clients should engage to secure their increasingly connected enterprises.”

Lux Research, Sept 2016

The Nozomi Networks Advantage

Up to now cybersecurity solutions have involved cumbersome manual configurations, a requirement that doesn’t fit with the complexity of industrial installations and the skill set of industrial engineers.

Nozomi’s technology, on the other hand, combines recent advances in software programming with in-depth ICS knowledge to provide a solution that automatically models large, heterogeneous industrial systems.

SCADAguardian uses patent-pending techniques involving AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to build an internal representation of your industrial network and physical process. Then it employs behavioral analytics and continuous monitoring to detect changes to baseline states.

Let SCADAguardian automate the hard work of knowing and monitoring your ICS – providing you with the real-time visibility and detection you need to ensure cyber resilience and high availability.

“[Nozomi] delves deeply into critical infrastructure using machine learning and protocol inspection to detect real­time anomalous behavior in the network and security holes before they are exploited.”

451 Research, April 2016