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Asset Intelligence

Focus on the OT and IoT Incidents that Matter

Nozomi Networks Asset Intelligence™ continuously updates Guardian™ sensors with rich OT and IoT device data so you can identify and respond to the most important security alerts faster.

Guardian’s anomaly detection for IoT leverages millions of OT and IoT asset profiles for asset identification and anomaly alerting at enterprise scale.


Intelligence that Reduces the Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR)


Detailed Alerts and Forensic Tools for Fast Response

OT and IoT Security and Visibility

You can protect a wide variety of mixed environments with rapid asset discovery, network visualization and accelerated security.

Every Vantage license includes an unlimited number of Guardian virtual sensor licenses, enabling you to deploy Guardian sensors wherever you want to increase your visibility and security.

You can tailor the Nozomi Networks solution to meet your needs by utilizing its flexible architecture and integrations with other systems


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Asset Intelligence


Nozomi Networks Labs


Threat Intelligence






Smart Polling

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Intelligence that Speeds the Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR)



Rapidly Pinpoint Harmful

Up-to-Date OT and IoT Device Data

Classifies assets with high precision to accelerate the learning process for OT and IoT environments

Compares real-time activity to “known-good” baselines, even during Learning Phase, to detect potentially harmful behavior

Rich Asset Profile and Behavior Data

Provides detailed device information,

  • Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Behavior
  • Configuration (installed software)
  • Protocols in use

The Asset Intelligence service powers breakthrough anomaly detection for OT and IoT.

Automatically Eliminate Benign Anomaly Alerts

Breakthrough Anomaly Detection for IoT

Uses intelligence from millions of OT and IoT asset profiles to determine when to generate alerts on anomalous behavior

Eliminates alerts caused by benign anomalous behavior by knowing when “new” or “different” is not a risk, focusing your attention on “true” incidents

Provides the Context to Manage OT and IoT Risks

Delivers constantly updated knowledge derived from monitoring millions of assets to recognize “normal” behavior

Compares new behavior to device profiles to identify reliability risks caused by cyber threats and operational anomalies


Detailed Alerts and Forensic Tools for Fast Response



Quickly Respond Using Detailed, Accurate Information

Accurate Asset Intelligence

Ensures up-to-date asset profiles through the expertise of Nozomi Networks Labs, a team of specialized security researchers

Delivers accurate profiles based on analysis of millions of devices in use at sites around the world and in Nozomi Networks test lab

Detailed, Helpful Alerts

Provides detailed alerts that pinpoint significant security and reliability anomalies

Groups alerts into incidents, providing security and operations staff with a simple, clear, consolidated view of what’s happening on their network


Continuous asset research reduces response time to harmful anomalies and active threats.

Swiftly Analyze Incidents and Simplify IT/OT Processes

Simplified IT/OT Security Processes

Reduces costs with a single, comprehensive OT and IoT anomaly detection solution

Integrates with IT security infrastructure for streamlined security processes  Learn More

Harmonizes security data across enterprise tools for cohesive response

Fast Forensic Analysis

Focuses effort with Smart Incidents that:

  • Correlate and consolidate alerts
  • Provide operational and security context
  • Supply automatic packet captures

Decodes incidents with Time Machine™ before and after system snapshots

Provides answers fast with a powerful ad hoc query tool