Cyber-Physical Security for Airports & Airlines

Behind the scenes, airports are an intricate web of IT, OT and IoT systems that keep everything running smoothly. IT-related cyberattacks such as data breaches and ransomware are well-known threats. But it’s the less protected OT and IoT systems that pose even greater risks. If attacked, the losses could threaten not only operational continuity but public safety. As critical infrastructure, airports must comply with strict regulations such as the TSA Security Directives and NIS2.

Nozomi Networks knows OT and IoT like no other cybersecurity vendor. We’re the leading provider of visibility, vulnerability management and security monitoring solutions for airports. Some of the largest airports in the world rely on us to keep their operations reliable and secure.

The Connected Airport

From baggage handling and passenger screening to approach lighting and instrument landing systems, OT an IoT plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency and reliability of airport operations.

the connected airport

Benefits of Our Cybersecurity Solution for Airports & Aviation

Our platform’s scalable and flexible deployment options cover everything from individual subsystems to the largest international airports with the most complex networks and critical systems.

Identify and manage cyber-physical assets, including OT & IoT devices

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Pinpoint the risks that matter most to maintain operational resilience and keep planes flying

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Scale continuous monitoring processes across systems and teams

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Exceed regional regulatory requirements for aviation facilities

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OT & IoT Cybersecurity Compliance Frameworks

OT and IoT assets are typically outside of IT cybersecurity plans, but they’re subject to inclusive regulatory frameworks and corporate cybersecurity standards.

TSA Security Directives for Aviation

Our platform provides asset inventory, vulnerability mapping and continuous security monitoring that aligns with the requirements in the TSA Security Directives.

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NIS2 Directive

Our platform helps critical infrastructure operators align OT and IoT security practices with the NIS2 seven broad security requirements by the October 2024 deadline.

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SEC Cyber Disclosures & Corporate KPIs

Board pressure to comply with SEC cybersecurity rules and corporate KPIs has CISOs and their teams focused on compliance and risk reduction across all cyber assets.

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Global Airport Improves Visibility & Security

Customer profile

A top 5 international airport with 90,000+ employees and diverse, complex OT, IoT and IT environments

Low visibility into mix of OT/IoT/IT systems and isolated networks
High volume of traffic, variables and systems to be monitored
Fragmented security analysis and delayed response due to disparate systems
Consolidated, real-time visibility across diverse systems and thousands of endpoints
Prioritized, actionable insights into operational vulnerabilities and risks
More efficient security analysis with operational asset and security data integrated into data lake, SIEM and SOC

Sample Deployment Architecture for Airports

Nozomi Networks’ flexible, scalable architecture and integrations make it easy to tailor our solution for any airport environment.

Airports scalability diagram
Scalable Deployment

The Nozomi Networks solution easily scales to hundreds of thousands of assets across many subsystems. It allows you to secure large systems with reduced complexity and cost.

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NN Tech Alliances diagram
Integrated IT/OT Security

The Nozomi Networks platform integrates holistically with IT infrastructure such as SIEMs, SOAR or SOC applications. It improves security efficiency and analysis for faster, better cyber resiliency.

Airport Purdue model
Flexible Architecture

The Nozomi Networks solution is readily tailored to meet your needs by utilizing its flexible architecture and integrations with other systems.

Remote Collectors™ can be added to Guardian sensors to capture data from distributed subsystems.

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