Nozomi Threat Intelligence

Quickly detect emerging threats to OT systems, including known and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Be the first to know about OT & IoT zero-day vulnerabilities.

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Threat Intelligence is an add-on enhancement for Guardian sensors that continuously updates the sensors with known and zero-day vulnerability data specific to OT and IoT processes and devices. Our Threat Intelligence is backed by our industry-leading research team and supports the widest range of industrial devices and protocols.

Product Overview

Key Benefits of Nozomi
Threat Intelligence

Advanced Anomaly and Threat Detection

Advanced threat and anomaly detection algorithms combined with rigorous testing of rules to minimize false positives.

Expansive List of Threat Indicators

Detailed information on threat indicators including Yara rules, packet rules, STIX indicators, threat knowledgebase and vulnerability signatures.

Leverage Threat Intelligence Across Your Entire Environment

Available as a threat feed that can be ingested into third-party security solutions such as firewalls and orchestration solutions. Feed is available for any platform that supports STIX.

Prioritized Action to Minimize Disruptions

Alerts can be grouped by incidents to provide a clear, consolidated view of what’s happening on the network. Critical alerts can be addressed immediately to minimize disruption to operations.


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Why Choose Nozomi Threat Intelligence?

Extensive expertise and research from Nozomi Networks Labs to identify the latest emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Rigorous testing of rules to minimize false positives.

Expansive list of threat indicators to ensure that research is comprehensive.

Available as a threat feed for ingestion into third-party security tools.

How Does Nozomi Threat Intelligence Work?

Nozomi Threat Intelligence data updates Guardian sensors with the latest emerging malware and indicators of compromise specific to industrial processes and IoT devices.

Threat Intelligence Feed

Our Threat Intelligence Feed can be used outside our Guardian and Vantage platforms, with other third-party security products that handle industry-compliant Structured Threat Intelligence eXpression (STIX) and Trusted Automated eXchange of Intelligence Information (TAXII) threat data, both of which are open data formats for threat details.

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