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Creating and Managing an Accurate OT Asset Inventory

Creating an accurate operational technology (OT) asset inventory and keeping it current can be difficult and extremely time-consuming. Industrial and critical infrastructure networks contain many devices from multiple vendors, including IoT devices, which may have security vulnerabilities you’re not even aware of. Accurate, centralized IoT and OT asset data is crucial for effective risk management and operational resilience.


Nozomi Networks’ OT
Asset Inventory Management

Identify all your connected assets, including both OT & IoT devices

Continuously monitor your assets to detect changes that could increase cyber or operational risk

Access insights directly from endpoints for added context

Scale OT asset inventory management across your entire operational infrastructure

Explore some of the asset inventory capabilities in our platform.

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OT Asset Inventory Management for Tomorrow’s Operations

Nozomi Networks’ IoT and OT asset inventory management solution automates device discovery, validates details, and provides precise descriptions to support effective risk mitigations. It collects information such as:

Device name, type, serial number, firmware version and components
Asset and subpart properties: site, name, IP address, MAC address and state
Embedded devices such as PLCs and their inner components
Logical node subsystems such as circuit breakers and switches
Measurement points
PC operating system and installed software apps with version numbers
Endpoint configurations and behavior, including USB activity, user activity and log file changes

Continuous visibility even when inactive

Unlike other solutions on the market, our platform uses a variety of data collection methods, including network monitoring, endpoint monitoring and smart polling, to provide continuous visibility into all your assets and their risk levels, even when they aren’t actively communicating.

Our Asset Intelligence subscription enhances asset information from millions of known device profiles, enabling teams to make informed decisions about the maintenance and security of their OT and IoT assets.

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