Nozomi Asset Intelligence

Prioritize risk mitigations with AI-enriched device profiles.

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What Is Nozomi Asset Intelligence?

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Asset Intelligence enriches OT and IoT device profiles with detailed asset information to accelerate the learning process for OT/IoT environments and to provide accurate asset inventory. Asset Intelligence is available as an add-on subscription to Guardian and Vantage.

Product Overview

Key Benefits of
Asset Intelligence

Ensure Precise Asset Inventory

Leveraging our expansive OT/IoT device database, sensor profiles are enhanced with the latest device specific information to deliver accurate identification of assets.

Focus on What Matters Most

With OT/IoT environments current on latest updates, recalls and known vulnerabilities, administrators can focus on the maintenance and security of their networks.

Eliminate Alert Volume

By analyzing device behavior within the operational and security context of the device, benign alerts are reduced by up to 70 percent saving time and money.


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How Does Asset Intelligence Work?

Our Asset Intelligence enhancement leverages both internal and third-party data to curate the most up to date OT and IoT device profiles available on the market. Administrators can rest assured that their environments are current with the latest updates, recalls, configurations and known vulnerabilities.

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